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Classical Greece

Module 5 Ancient Greece

Why do you think the Dorian period was called Dark Age? The period declined during the time period.
How were the Mycenaeans influenced by the Minoans? There writing system had high levels of art/artistic designs.
What did the Athens value culture wise? Arts, literature, or other artistic and intellectual pursuits.
What were two of Pericles' main goals for Athens? Make Athens more democratic and stronger.
What themes were common in the Greek tragedy? Love, hate, war, betrayol, and hubris.
Where is Maceonia located? In the north of Greece.
When did the lives of women had a big change? During the Hellenistic period.
What was in Alexandria's museum? Alexandria’s museum had a small observatory in which astronomers could study the planets and stars.
How did Homer keep Greek Culture alive under the Dorians? Making poems and making epics.
What types of government existed in the city-states? Monarchy, aristocracy, and oligachy.
What was the outcome of the Persian War? Greece won the war.
Why was the sea trade important for the Greeks? Greece had few natural resources which they needed.
Why was Athens not a full democracy? Only free adult males were citizens.
How did Sparta treat the Messenians? Sparta made them helots, peasents forced to stay o the land they worked on and turn over half their crops.
What type of society did Sparta create in response to the revolt? Introduced timely reforms.
How did Athenians avoid major political upheavels? Strong, highly disaplined millitary state.
What economic and political reforms did Solon initiate? Outlawed debt slavery, allowed all citizens to particapate in Athenian assembly.
What advantages did the Greek soldiers have over the Persians? Disipline, training, heavy armor, and the phalanz formation.
What were were the consequences of the Persian Wars? End of Persian threat and emergence of golden age of Athens.
What are epics? Heroic story told in the form of a long poem.
What kind of leader was Pericles? Was honest and fair, dominated life in Athens, and brought Greek culture to new heights.
How did Pericles strengthen democracy? He increased the number of paid public officials and introduced direct democracy, in which citizens rule directly.
How do Athens and Sparta compare in power? Both were heads of leagues of city-states. Athens had a stronger navy, but Sparta had a stronger army.
How did Pericles strengthen the empire? Built a strong navy and expanded overseas trade.
What do the themes of Greek comedies suggest about the men and women of Athens? Discussed and accepted criticism of their ideas, behavior, customs, and politics.
What themes were common in Greek tragedy? Love, hate, war, betrayal, and hubris.
What ideas were important to classical artisits? Order, balence, and proportion;art thatprotrayed ideal human beings.
What is the philosophic legacy of Artistole? Scientific method.
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