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Settling the West

U.S. History- Chapter 2: Settling the West Notes

Virginia City Who: Henry Comstock staked claim on it then sold it What: Boomtown Where: Nevada When: 1859-1864 Why: deposit of silver found nearby
Wounded Knee Who- Native Americans and White Soldiers What- Deadly Battle Where- Wounded Knee Creek When- December 29, 1890 Why- Ghost Dancing was illegal
Prospecters Who: Settlers from the east What: They looked for mineral deposits and were miners Where: They were from the east and moved west When: Late 1800s Why: To make money
Open Range Who: Settled by people moving west What: Vast area of grassland that the federal government owned Where: The Great Plains When: Late 1800s Why: So ranchers could own land and farm
Colonel John Chivington
Leadville Who- What- Where- When- Why-
!890 Census Who- What- Where- When- Why-
Pikes Peak Who- What- Where- When- Why-
Native American Citezenship Who- What- Where- When- Why-
The Greatest Plains Boundaries Who- What- Where- When- Why-
Henry Comstock Who- What- Where- When- Why-
Lakota Sioux Who- What- Where- When- Why-
Vaqueros who- spanish cowboys what- spanish word for cowboys/ cattlemen that drove cattle where-the southwest when- 1870 -1880 why- they were there because the demand for beef was expanding at this time and they wanted more herds near by, a lot of immigrants
Placer/Quartz/Hydraulic Mining who- early prospectors from the american west what- placer: used pick axes, shoves , and picks quartz: deep mine shafts are dug, and miners go underground to extract the mineral hydraulic: removing large quantities of earth and process it for minerals/
Vigilance Committes Who- What-a body of vigilantes Where- When- Why-
"Rain follows the Plow" Who- What- Where- When- Why-
Little Crow Who- What- Where- When- Why-
Treaties/Native Americans/U.S. Government Who- What- Where- When- Why-
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