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MAUE Test #3 SS

SS Test #3 Mrs Fisher MAUE 5th grade

Why dd the Native AMericans in the Great Basin have to move around to find food? Farming was difficult
What was the most important feature of the Northwest coast to the Indians The sea
What helped a large variety of plants to grow in the region? wet climate
Where did the people of the Coast obtain most of the things that they needed? from the sea water
What is a salmon run when salmon come up stream to lay eggs
What did the people do with the salmon that they did not eat right away? preserved it by drying or smoking it
What are examples of Tlingit technology? cannons dams traps homes
Describe the totem pole big tree trunk that the indians carved and painted to represent the family
What is potlatch a special feast that the guest not the host receive gifts
What was the Alaskan Native Claims settlement act? gave the indians control of 44 million acres of their home lands in Alaska
Why did the Tlingit have time to spend creating art and technology? Because food was plentiful the Tlingit had time to specialize in making technology
How were the Southwestern Native American groups different from each other? Navajo and Apache were herders and hunters Hopi and Zuns wer mainly farmers
Describe the Hopi land Tall mountains, deep canyons, and steep mesas
What is dry farming a way of growing crops n places where there is little water
What are Katchinas? spirits that bring rain that visit villages for six months
How are the Kachina dolls used in the Hopi community? they are used to teach children in the Hopi community about the special powers of the different kachinas
Who is Crow Mother? mother of all kachinas
What is the major festival that is held each year and the kachina dancers dance? the great green corn festival
Who is Nampeyo a talented artist that makes pottery out of clay
What did she think about the ancient pottery design? she liked them more than her designs and created her own ancient pottery designs
How did the Hopi maintain their traditional way of life hpoi ceremonies, government, and organizations continue to exist because they continue to practice th hopi way of life
What events changed the plains people forever? taming of the horses
Where did the horses of the great plains come from? the horses had run away from their spanish owners
What was the most important change that taming of the horse brought to the plains? it brought change in the economy of the plains people- the plains people became expert riders breeders and trainers and could hunt more buffalo
How did the plains indian lives change when the buffalo became the main source of food? many stopped living at permanent settlements instead they moved form campsite to campsite to hunt another buffalo
what is a coup stick and how is it used? a stick named from the french work strike or jit used in battle to injure the buffalo and not kill him
what are the 3 qualities that Lakota people admire bringing honor to himself speaking and generosity
What is jerky buffalo meat cut in thin strips and dried
what is pemmican berries and fat added to the jerky
How did Lakota people record special events of the year winter counts
How did they describe Hunif America hundres of years ago? fertile soil, plenty of rain fall and almost completely covered by forest
How did the Penobscot live? they moved from place to place hunting and gathering
Where did the Natchez people live and who were there ancestors? descendants of the Mound Builders and ived in what is now the state of MS
What things did most of the different Eastern Woodlands people have in common? List 5. lfarming people living in permanent villages buit homes out of wood grew corn, squash and beans They hunted and fished They shared similar beliefs and traditions
What was the Hodensaunee Tail? one central route than ran thru villages of 5 peoples
Who did the most farming in the Iriquios community? WOMEN
What items did the Iriqois obtai from the forest animals for meat, maple syrup, nuts roots, vegetables, oils, fruits, berries, herbs for medicine and tea.
What are some of the powers Iriquios women had- Name 4 they decided how the land would be used they decided who would use the land they were leaders of the clans the women owned the longhouses and everything in them
What was wampum and what did they use it for bead made from shells that were strung or woven together
what were wampum used for? it was given as a special gift to remember a special event
When did fighting begin to be a problem? In 1300 when the Iriquois people began to grow
What caused the fighting? conflicts over hunting land
What was the Iriquois Confederacy? 5 separate Iriquios people banded together aka Iroquois league
What were the Great Laws? rules and guidelines to living together in peace
What is a compromise? settling a dispute by agreeing that each side will give up something
What are the names ot he two leaders that brought peace to the Iriqois? Deganawida and Hiawatha
What were the boundaries of the iriquois influence by the 1700 from the St Lawrence River to present day Tennessee in the south and to Michigan in the West.
Created by: jalison28