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Ch. 6 Revolution

Test Review

prevented supplies being shipped to Boston Intolerable Acts
stuffed figures effigies
information designed to influence opinion propaganda
"One if by land, two if by sea" refers to which event? Paul Revere' Ride
The French announced support for the United States (turning point of the war) after this Patriot victory Saratoga
The "shot heard round the world" refers to what event Lexington and Concord
The Hessians’ main reason for fighting the war was money
Which type of colonists sided with Britain? Loyalists
British General Charles Cornwallis was defeated at Battle of Yorktown
Which foreign troops helped Patriots defeat British forces at Yorktown? French
The British agreed to recognize the United States as an independent nation after the Americans’ victory at Yorktown
This petition demonstrated the colonists’ desire for peace? Olive Branch Petition
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Who refused to receive the Olive Branch Petition? King George III
Which colonists wanted to fight the British for American independence? Patriots
After winning which battle did the British learn that defeating the Americans would not be easy? Bunker Hill
What happened when three East India Company ships arrived in Boston Harbor in 1773? Sons of Liberty dumped 342 cases into the sea, known as Boston Tea Party
Patriot militia ready to fight at a moment's notice minutemen
Nickname for the British soldiers Redcoats
What made the American troops perform so well in such terrible weather? the example shown by George Washington
refusal to buy boycott
Going against authority Rebellion
Statement or action expressing disapproval Protest
Hit and Run war techniques Guerrilla warfare
united protesters opposed to British rule committees of correspondence
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