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LoganTri2 Micro-test

Billroth 1874 Discovery of round bacteria in chains
Koch 1876 I.D of Bacillus anthracis as causative agent of anthrax.
Hansen 1879 Disc. Mycobacterium laprae as causative agent of leprosy
Pasteur and Sternberg 1880 Isolation and culturing of pneumonia cocci from saliva
Koch 1882 Disc. of Mycobacterium tuberculosis as causative agent of TB
Klebs 1883 I.D. of Corynebacterium diphtheriae and toxin as causative agent of diphtheria.
Koch 1883 I.D of Vibro cholerae as causative agent of cholera
Pfeiffer 1890 i.D. of Pfeiffer bacillus, haemophilus influenzae
Ivanovski 1892 Disc. filterability of tobacco mosaic virus
Ehrlich 1897 Formulation of side-chain theiry of antibody formation
Beigerinck 1899 Disc. of intracellular reproduction of tobacco mosaic virus
Schaudinn and Hoffmann 1905 I.D. of Terponema pallidum as causative agent of syphilis
von Behring 1901 Nobel prize winner: Serum therapy against diphtheria
Koch 1905 Nobel prize winner: Tuberculosis
Ehrlich and Metchnikoff 1908 Nobel prize winner: Immunity
Fleming, Chain , and Florey 1945 Nobel prize winner: Penicillin
Theiler 1951 Nobel prize winner: Vaccine for yellow fever
Waksman 1952 Nobel prize winner: Streptomycin
Enders, Weller, and Robbins 1954 Nobel prize winner: cultivation of polio virus
Watson, Crick, and Wilkins 1962 Nobel prize winner: Structure of DNA
Prusiner 1997 Nobel prize winner: Prions
1796 Ed Jenner 1st immunization against Smallpox using Cow pox
Alexander Fleming worked with Staphylococcus aureus and discovered penicillian.
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