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Mesopotamia guide


Ziggurat large public buildings
Polytheism belief in more than one god
Plateau an elevatedarea of flat land
Plain a broad area of flat open land
City-state a self governing unit made up of a city and its surrounding villages and farmland
Administrator a manager; one who dirrects a goverment or organization
Artisan a worker who is skilled in making a particular product
Epic a long poem in dignified language that tells the story of a human
Nomad one group of people who moved with their flocks and herds as seasons change to fingd water and pasture
Pictograph a picture that stands for a word or idea; picture writing
Cuneiform wedge shaped characters made with a reed stylus and used in writing several ancient languages
Scribe a prefesional writer or record keeper; a person whos job is to copy documents and manuscripts
Empire a nation and the other nations it has concorded; a poltical unit offend made up over several nations under one leadership
What was the climate of Mesopotamia? very hot summers, little rain, floods, dusty winds
How did Sumerians handle the climate? the flooding spread rich soil, they used irrigation, made dams, cannals, artificial lakes and ponds
Who were Sumerian city-states ruled by at first? Etana ruler of Kish
Why did military leaders rise to power as kings in the Sunerian city-states? (blank)
What was Sumerian religion like? Parched dry land, few resources
How did Sumerians practice thier religion? sent food & animals,attened religious ceremonies, good life
What are three exaples of advances that the Sumerians made in new technology? plow, wheel, sail boat, they mixed copper & tin to get bronze, weapons, traded for metal
How did sumerians' forms of writing change over time? (Describe at least three steps) Tokens: were kept in clay containers called bullae and used to keep trrack of things boug ht and sold. Marks: were made on the outsides of the bullae to keep track of what was inside. Pictograph: were at first pictures of an itemsused in trade.
Idenify examples of the mesopotamians existence as a civilization(culture, gov, social levels, ect.) development of stable agriculture development of trade written records
Describe the social classes of ancient Mesopotamia. 1. the upper, class, which were the nobles, priests, government officials, and warriors, 2. the middle class was made up of merchants, traders, and artisans. 3. lower were the serfs and slaves
Put the following events in order: -Development of agriculture -Sargon created the world's first empire -Sumerians began irrigation -Shamshi- Adad build the Assyrian Empire into a trade and millitary power -Hamirabi is king of babylon 1. Development of agriculture 2. Sumerians began irrigation 3. Sargon created the world's first empire 4.Shamshi- Adad build the Assyrian Empire into a trade and millitary power 5. Hamirabi is king of babylon
Created by: xO_M0LLii