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NCCAOM Review Biomed

Drug Schedule and Prescription Abbreviations

Which of the following combinations have synergistic Effect? Alcohol and Sedative like Valium, Xanax (1+1=3) Antibiotic and Tylenol Ambien and Antibiotic
Over the Counter drugs are classified as Schedule V
Category A drugs refer to Controlled human studies have demonstrated no human risk
Warfarin has which risk? Evidence of fetal risk. Risk outweighs benefits. (fetal abnormalities)
In drug prescription the abbreviation "qad" refers to Every other day
A drug's therapeutic index is The relation between the drug's dosage desired effect and adverse reactions
In geriatric patients, absorption of oral medications may be altered by reduced levels of gastric secretion
A doctor calculates drug dosages for children on a formula based on body weight
A patient is taking Benadryl for short-term control of insomnia. What type of drug interaction will alcoholic drinks have? Synergistic, sedative +alcohol (1+1=3)
Which type of prescriptions have no renewal and are written in ink or typewritten and signed by the doctor? Schedule II (high potential for abuse, morphine and opium,Oxycontin, etc)
Schedule IV drugs refer to Low Rise potential for abuse resulting in limited physical or psychological dependence (diazepam chloral hydrate)
In a drug prescription the abbreviation "bid" refers to Twice a Day
Schedule V drugs refer to Minimal risk for abuse (relative to substances in schedule IV)
Schedule III drugs refer to Medium-risk potential for abuse resulting in low-to-moderate physical dependence or high psychological dependence (including short acting barbituates and amphetamines)
Which branch of pharmacology provides information on the metabolism, absorption, and excretion of a drug? Pharmodynamics
Schedule II drugs refere to High Risk potential for abuse resulting in severe physical and psychological dependence
In a drug prescription the abbreviation qid refers to Four times a day
In a drug prescription the abbreviation tid refers to Three times a day
Heroin and LSD are classified as Schedule I
A patient breaks out in a sweat and vomits after taking his drug prescription. What type of reaction is this? Adverse (harm associated with the use of given medicine with normal dosage and use)
In a drug prescription the abbreviation qd means Once per day
Schedule I drugs refer to High-risk potential for abuse resulting in severe physical and psychological dependence with drugs not currently accepted for medical use
Ambien, Darvon, Xanax, Librium, and Valium are classified as Schedule IV
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