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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Types of Qi Types of Qi Acupuncture 2015-09-06 apples22976 12 0 edit
Lung Meridian Lung Meridian Point Functions Acupuncture 2015-10-19 apples22976 47 0 edit
LI Meridian Large Intestine Meridian Point Functions Acupuncture 2015-10-20 apples22976 35 0 edit
Stomach Meridian Stomach Meridian Test Semester 1 Acupuncture 2015-11-16 apples22976 26 0 edit
Heart Meridian Heart Meridian Point Functions Acupuncture 2015-12-12 apples22976 11 0 edit
S.I. Meridian Small Intestine Meridian Point Functions Unfinished 2015-12-12 apples22976 12 0 edit
WAP Final WAP Final Exam 1st Semester Anatomy 2015-12-12 apples22976 19 0 edit
Herbal Tastes Herbal Medicine Tastes(Flavors, Properties) Acupuncture 2016-01-18 apples22976 8 0 edit
Plant Parts etc Functions of Plant Parts, Minerals, and Animals Acupuncture 2016-01-18 apples22976 13 0 edit
Kidney Channel Kidney Channel Points and Function Acupuncture 2016-02-24 apples22976 32 0 edit
Herb Test #5 Herbs that clear heat and relieve toxicity, and from deficiency Acupuncture 2016-03-07 apples22976 15 0 edit
Pericardium Points Pericardium channel and functions Acupuncture 2016-03-20 apples22976 18 0 edit
San Jiao Meridian San Jiao Meridian points and their functions Unfinished 2016-03-23 apples22976 14 0 edit
Herb Test #6 Herbs that Drain Dampness Acupuncture 2016-04-05 apples22976 13 0 edit
Meridians Final GB and Liv Point functions Acupuncture 2016-04-10 apples22976 43 0 edit
Herb Test #7 Herbs that Dispel Wind Dampness Acupuncture 2016-04-11 apples22976 16 0 edit
OPP Kidney Bladder Kidney Bladder Patterns Acupuncture 2016-04-12 apples22976 12 0 edit
NCCAOM Review Biomed Drug Schedule and Prescription Abbreviations Acupuncture 2019-07-27 apples22976 23 1 edit
LUNG lung indications Unfinished 2015-10-18 genevieve 10 1 edit
LU Meridian Lung Meridian Notes Massage Therapy 2015-10-18 reaction81@mac.com 12 1 edit

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