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Civics Chapter 2

9th grade

are specific expectations about what our behavior should be rules
learning to accept the values of a group and learning the rules for behavior within it socialization
accepting the rules of society as yours internalization
systems of values and rules that determine how our society is organized social institutions
list the five major social institutions of societies family; religion; education; economy; government
describe family it is the most basic institution in any society, it helps shape behavior and values
describe religion provides comfort in time of sorrow, and answers spiritual questions, a sense of belonging and moral values
describe education provides knowledge, socialization, and aids in teaching the rules of society, and helps shape behavior and values
describe economy system for producing and distributing goods and services to full fill peoples wants
describe government establishes law and order, protects individual's security, provides public services, and maintains other institutions
true or false: every society needs these 5 institutions in one form or another true
one parent with children single-parent family
adults and children from previous marriages blended family
products we use goods
things done for you services
desires for goods and services wants
work people do labor
a person who uses or consumes goods and services to satisfy wants consumer
is place or situation in which an exchange of goods or services takes place market
is the cost of a good or service price
anything generally accepted as payment money
list the five rules of the american economy freedom to buy and sell; freedom to compete; freedom to make a profit; freedom to own property; freedom to choose an occupation
true or false: the american economic system protects our wants, and the rules are based on the idea of fairness false; freedoms
is a system of operating for a society government
list the functions of the government maintain law and order; security; public services; maintaining other institutions
define maintain law and order the government establish regulations of behavior, derived from social values
describe security is the goal of the government to provide for the common defense
describe public services government provides services for individuals who cannot afford them, or services, which are shared by society
describe maintaining other institutions the government protects your rights
is a type of government with royalty as the head of state, which has inherited authority monarchy
rule by an individual, who usually comes to power by force dictatorship
power is shared by all people - " government by the people" elected officials democracy
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