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Unit 1 Vocabulary

Key Terms from Unit 1

cash crop fruit or vegetable that is grown to make a profit
palisade a community surrounded by a large fence
plantation a large farm that uses its land to grown cash crops
agriculture a way of cultivating the earth so that you can grow food
colonization building settlements in the hopes of claiming land for the Mother County
Indentured servant someone who works to pay off a debt
Three Sisters the natives grew corn, beans, and squash
Eastern Woodlands the land from the Atlantic ocean and the Mississippi River, and it stretches from Canada to the bottom tip of Florida
Conquistadors Spanish soldiers who came to conquer foreign lands
Slave a person who works for someone for life
Pacifism belief that violence is never the answer
slash and burn agriculture the natives cleared the land by cutting the trees and burning the ground to prepare it for farming
Catawba one of the three main Natives Tribes that lived in the area we know call South Carolina
subsistence farming growing just enough food to feed yourself and your family
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