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Ch. 5 LA History

Ch. 5 Louisiana History

What is another word for corn? Maize
What do you call settled farming? Agriculture
What was the throwing stick used be prehistoric people, made up of a shaft of wood with a small cup or groove on the end into which the base of the spear was placed? Atlatl
What is a natural resistance to disease? Immunity
What is wandering from place to place? Nomadic
What is a formal agreement between 2 or more nations? Treaty
What do you call the time before written history? Prehistoric
What is an artificial hill built by Meso people as early as 5000 B.C. and believed to be used for special ceremonies, not for burials? Mound
Who is a scientist that studies artifacts from the past to try to understand prehistoric people? Archaeologist
What do you call a group of native people who share a name, common ancestry, language, and way of living? Tribe
What is an ancient garbage dump called? Midden
What is an object made by humans, especially an ancient tool or weapon? Artifact
What did the Natchez refer to the common tribe members as? Stinkards
What was the primary crop of many of the Indians in LA? Maize
What could an archaeologist use to determine the age of an object? Carbon dating
What is another name for the Indian homes made of mud and sticks? Wattle and Daub
What were the hairy, elephant-like creatures that were hunted during the Paleo Period in LA called? Mastadons
What did early nomads cross to reach North America? Land Bridge
What development enabled early Native Americans to begin building permanent homes? Agriculture
What is the 500 acre ancient trade network in northeastern LA known as? Poverty Point
Where does the present day Caddo tribe call home today? Oklahoma Reservation
Which 2 diseases killed nearly 1/2 of the Native American population? Smallpox and Influenza
What is the correct order of the Indian Periods in order, starting with the earliest? Paleo, Meso, Early Neo, Late Neo
What was the name of the forced march, under control of the U.S. Army, which pushed the Native Americans to Oklahoma? Trail of Tears
Which tribe were fierce warriors who not only fought along side the French in the French and Indian War, but also with Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans? Choctaw Indians
Which tribe's name means "Flesh-Eaters" because of their cannibalistic practices? Atakapa Indians
Who led each tribe and handled all day to day activities? The Chief
Which tribe blended heavily with the Cajun culture and uses the crawfish as their primary totem symbol? Houma Indians
Which tribes own and operate successful casinos in LA today? Tunica-Biloxi Indians & the Coushatta
What did the Houma Indians refer to as their hunting grounds in present day Baton Rouge? Istrouma
Which tribes used tattoos to show the social status of its members? Natchez
Who named Baton Rouge when he saw a "red stick" near the Mississippi River? Iberville
During which period did Native Americans live a nomadic life style? Paleo Period
During which period did Native Americans begin building mounds? Meso Period
During which period did Native Americans hunt deer and rabbits with an atlatl? Meso Period
During which period did Native Americans begin making pottery? Early Neo Period
During which period did Native Americans switch from hunting and gathering to agriculture? Late Neo Period
During which period did Native Americans develop the bow and arrow for hunting? Early Neo Period
During which period did Native Americans migrate to North America using the land bridge? Paleo Period
During which period did Native Americans build permanent homes of wattle and daub? Late Neo Period
Created by: Esther Landry