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Jackson Era

Jacksonian Democracy all about the people; wanted to bring the people into the government and make sure they get a say
Spoils System A system in which the government workers are replaced by loyal supporters of the winning side
Indian Removal Act An act/law signed by President Jackson that gave him the power to negotiate the removal of the Native Americans to the west of the Mississippi River on federal territory in exchange for their land
Trail of Tears The exhausting and troublesome journey the Native Americans were forced to on through the harsh winters with only the possessions they had on their backs to get to their designated "Indian Territory" West of the Mississippi River.
What was a result of the Trail of Tears? It resulted in many Native Americans dying due to exposure and malnutrition and scattered tribes
Tariff of Abominations -In 1828, Congress passed a bill that sufficiently raised tariffs on raw materials and manufactured goods which outraged the South b/c it forced them to sell cotton at a low price but pay HIGH prices for goods imported to them, so they weren't making $
How did the tariff of abominations make the south feel? The South felt as if the economy interests of the NE were determining the national policy
Doctrine of Nullification A state had the right to nullify, or reject, a federal law it considers to be unconstitutional
Tariff Taxes added to the cost of goods imported from another country
Secession to break away from the union
Bank War The war between President Andrew Jackson and the Second Bank of the U.S. where they tried to kill each other's presidency; and President Jackson destroyed and shut down the Bank of the U.S. by vetoing the bill and replaced the gov. funds into state banks
Panic of 1837 -Banks got a huge deposit and gave out many loans w/ paper money, people expanded land west (a large amount); Jackson didn't approve of paper money + changed purchases to gold/ silver coins; caused uproar and panic; people couldn't pay banks back;
Panic of 1837 (continued...)
What factor made Jackson's appeal to the "common man" especially important in the election of 1828? The expansion of voting rights
True or False: Andrew Jackson thought America should be governed by an elite group of educated people. False; governed by the people
How did President Jackson justify the Indian Removal Act? He claimed how it would benefit the Indians if they moved to the west of the Mississippi River b/c it would help the Native American populations flourish, the government would help pay for the land, and it would help their agriculture
What is the quote describing? “Murder is murder and somebody must answer, somebody must explain the streams of blood that flowed in the Indian country..." The quote is describing the trail of tears and the deaths of the Native American tribes. When they say "somebody must explain...", they mean somebody must take responsibility for this, and it could mean Jackson b/c he signed the removal, and was in office
True or False: During Andrew Jackson’s Presidency, Native Americans were forced to move west of the Mississippi River. True
Why did the South oppose high tariffs? South's economy relied on foreign trade: south had to sell their cotton for low prices, and got credit in return to buy foreign goods, but they ended up costing more because of tariffs
Sectionalism Placing the interests of your region (or state) ahead of the nation as a whole
Why did the three sections of the country differ on the sale of public lands, internal improvements, and tariffs? -West wanted political power so they had low land prices to encourage settlement; took away factory workers needed in NE -NE + W wanted ways of transportation so N could get materials and send manufactured goods to W;;N liked tariffs- made them cheaper
How did Jackson respond when Congress voted to renew the charter of the United States bank? Jackson vetoed the bill and closed down the U.S Bank
Why did Jackson not like the Second Bank of the United States? Didn't like banks in general and didn't like paper money (made gold/silver worthless); 2nd president of U.S. Bank was trying to kill his presidency so he tried to do the same
Jackson didn’t like that the economy was running on paper money so he made a change that... Land could only be bought and paid for with gold/ silver
The tariff of abominations is an example of... sectionalism
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