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Virginia Studies SOL 2

what are the two bodies of water that border Virginia on its eastern shore? Atlantic Ocean & Chesapeake Bay
What state borders Virginian to the south? North Carolina
what is the natural border between the Tidewater and Piedmont regions called? Fall Line
What state borders Virginian to the north? Maryland
What is the natural border that prevents further travels on Virginia's rivers called? Fall Line
What states borders Virgina to the west? West Virginia, Kentucky, & Tennessee
Which region is made up flat land, is east of the fall land near the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay? Tidewater (Coastal Plain)
Which region's name mean "l Land at the foot of the mountains"is made up of rolling hills west of the fall line? Piedmont
Which region is made up of old, rounded mountains and is the source of many rivers? Blue Ridge Mountains
Which region is located between the Piedmont and Valley and Ridge Mountains? Blue Ridge Mountains
Which region includes the Great Valley of Virginia and other valley separated by ridges? Valley and Ridge
Which region is located to the west of the Blue Ridge Mountains? Valley and Ridge
Which region is located in southwest Virginia and is an elevated area of land that has a flat top? Appalachian Plateau
What is an elevated area of land that is flat on top known as? A plateau
Why are the first Americans called Indians? Because Christopher Columbus thought he had reached the West Indies (near China).
Who gave the Native American the name "Indians"? Christopher Columbus
What evidence is there that Indians lived all over Virginia? artifacts found tell about how and where the Indians lived
What is an artifact? anything made by man
What were the three major Native Americans language groups in Virgina? Algonquian, Siouan, & Iroquoian
What are some examples of artifacts? arrow heads, pottery, tools
What are some characteristics of Virgina's climate? It is relatively mild, has distinct seasons, and results in a variety of vegetation.
Where did the people who spoke Algonquian live? Coastal Plains (Tidewater)
What did the Indians do for food in the winter? hunted birds and animals
Where did the people who spoke siouan live? Piedmont
What did Indians do for food in the spring? fished & picked berries
Where did the people who spoke Iroquoian live? South Western and Southern Virginia
What did the Indians do for food in the summer? grew crops (beans corn and squash)
What did the Indians do for food in the fall? harvested crops
What are Virginia's Indians referred to as? Eastern Woodland Indians
What did Indians use to make clothes out of? Deer Hide
What did the Indians use to make shelter? Wood, stone, and plants they found around them.
What about Virginia's climate makes it good for living here? It is relatively mild, ha distinct seasons, and results in a variety of vegetation.
What city is located on the York River? Yorktown
What cities are located on the James River? Richmond & Jamestown
What city is located on the Rappahannock River? Fredericksburg
What city is located on the Potomac River? Alexandria
The four major rivers in Virginia all empty into what body of water? Chesapeake Bay
What river forms a natural border between Virginia & Maryland? Potomac River
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