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Classical Greece

Module 5

Why was sea travel important for the survival of the Greek? They needed to be able to gather resources to survive. They did not have them or did not have many of them on the mainland.
Why was the land in Greece bad? Why was the climate good? The land was bad since most of it was just mountain and very little fertile soil. The climate was good because it didn't have major spikes of heat and it didn't have many cold drops. It was comfortable
Why did the Trojan War start? What was the cause of it? The cause was a Trojan prince kidnapped the wife of a Greek king.
How did contact with the Minoans help the Mycenaeans? Contact with the Minoans helped because the Mycenaeans adapted to their style of writing and art.
Why did the Greek culture decline with the Dorians? The Dorians were not as well educated as the Mycenaeans and the Minoans. They would attempt things and fail and this soon lead to bigger things such as a bad economy, no written language, and bad trading.
What were the four types of government popular in Ancient Greece? Monarchy (state ruled by a king; hereditary), Aristocracy, (Ruled by nobles; hereditary and family status) Oligarchy (Ruled by small group of noble citizens;wealth and ability), Direct democracy (Ruled by citizens)
What kind of city-state was Sparta? Athens? Sparta was a military state and Athens was a limited democracy
Why did the Persian war occur? What was the outcome? The Persian war happened because Persian armies wanted to take over all of Greece. The outcome was the Persians lost and the Delian league was formed.
Why were city-states more popular then large cities? City-states were more popular because of geographic limitations. It was easier to have many tiny city-states that ran how they wanted then have a large city across a mountain with no easy way to reach either side.
Who was Pericles and what were his plans for Athens? Pericles was the man in charge of Athens for most of its golden age. He planned on many things, but the two main things were making Athens stronger and strengthening Athens democracy.
Who were the two city-states and their leagues going against each other during the Peloponnesian War? Athens and the Delian League and Sparta and the Peloponnesian League
What challenge(s) did Athens face during the war? They had a deadly plague wipe out 1/3 of their population and the Spartans burnt their entire food supply.
Who won the war? What were their plans? Sparta and the Peloponnesian League won the war. They planned on trying to take over all of Greece, but they were too weak to execute any of their plans.
What did Alexander the Great do? He destroyed the entire Persian empire and made it his own empire.
Why was Alexandria popular? Alexandria was popular because of its harbor. It was a popular stop for people traveling for trade so it became more or less a trade depot and "tourist" site.
What cultures were blended together to make the Hellenistic culture? Greek, Indian, Egyptian and Persian cultures
What was one of Alexandria's main attractions? Why? The Alexandrian Library was one of the main attractions because they had so many books. They collect as many books as possible and hopeful scholars found this very help for their studies
What is the difference between stoicism and epicureanism? In stoicism, you believe that people should live in virtue at the harmony of god.In epicureanism is when you believe the gods do not care about humans.
How did Athens art and Hellenistic art differ when it came to sculptures? In Athens they focused more on the beauty and they grace of their sculptures, but in Hellenistic art they chose to take a more real and normal look.
What was king Philips attack strategy? Philip would attack by using a phalanx layout. He had 16 men across and 16 men deep all armed with an 18ft. pole.
Why did Alexander's plans for his new empire fail? What were his plans? Alexander's plans failed because he became very sick and died. His plans were to unify all of his new land .
What were the names of the three generals who took control of all of Alexander's land? What did each general have command of? Antigonus had control over Macedonia and the city-states. Ptolemy had control over Egypt and took the title as pharaoh. Seleucus had control over the Persian empire.
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