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Holmes SS

SS Intro

Recap of the civil war The North (Union) and the South (Confederate) fought from 1861-1864 over the issue of slavery. The southern states wanted slavery and the northern states did not. It was fought all over the US and the south eventually surrendered and the North won.
When was the reconstruction period? From 1865-1877
What was the reconstruction period? It was the rebuilding after the civil war. The purpose was to help the south become part of the union again.
What was Lincoln's 10% plan? To help make it easier for the southern states to join the USA. 10% of the people had to pledge their allegiance to the US and ratify the 13th amendment. Then the south could fully participate in the union.
What was Johnson's plan? To make the southern states ask for a partion. Allow southern states to form new state governments without congress approval. Allow southern states to easily rejoin the union.
What did the south do? Southerns wanted life to return to the way it was before the war. They passed black codes and refused to treat African Americans as equal. They elected former confederate soldiers into political office.
Radical Republicans Radical Republicans were angry at the south. They wanted former slaves to be free.
Southern African Americans Reunited with family and friends. Created churches. Equal rights including owning land getting education. Be independent in their working lives.
Ratify To approve it
Abolish To put an end to; stop
Pardon To excuse or forgive
Black codes Rules or laws for Africian Americans during reconstruction
Free men Former slaves
Reconstruction A set of policies created to rebuild the nation after the civil war
Freedman Bureau Provide help to ex-slaves as they transitioned from slavery to freedom by providing items necessary to survive. They provided food, clothing, medical care and legal help. The Bureau also started new schools for African Americans.
13th Amendment Ratified December 1865. Declared slavery illegal.
14th Amendment Ratified July 1868. Declared slaves to be US citizens and guaranteed equal protection under the law of citizens.
15th Amendment Ratified February 1870. Ensures all male citizens can vote regardless of color or previous condition of enslavement.
Sharecropping A farmer who works part of the land and gives the land owner part of the harvest.Free men would pay rent for the landowner with a percentage of their crops. Freedmen would purchase tools and other supplies from the land owner.
What is sharecropping? A system which farmers rented land in exchange for crops.
Which group started to intimidate African Americans? Name something they did to intimidate them. Ku Klux Klan. Hanging of African Americans or burning homes.
Economic slavery Always in debt. Result, freemen were in constant debt to the land owners and never able to earn a profit. If they move they could be arrested therefore freemen tied down to the land similar to slavery.
Tenant Someone who pays rent
Profit The money made on goods that exceeds the cost of production.
What are Black Codes? Laws for black people, no reading, only work, no money.
Discrimination A unfair difference in the treatment of people
Scalawags A name given to poor whites by other southerners because they agreed with radical republicans.
Carpet baggers The southern name for the northerners who got sent south during Reconstruction to help local governments or schools.
KKK Ku Klux Klan - Bad guys! Formed by a group of confederate soldiers. They wanted to regain control of the government. Used violence, intimidation and voter fraud. The federal govt did make some weak attempts to control them.
Which amendment grated US citizenship to African Americans? The 14th amendment
How long did reconstruction last? 12 years
What was the 15th amendment? It allowed African American males to vote
What was the goal of the radical republicans? To end slavery
Who became president after Lincoln was assassinated? How did he change things? Johnson became President. He made it easier to rejoin the union and ask for a pardon.
Created by: sara.r.bailey



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