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Explorers Test

Study for test 9/11

What economic, cultural, religious, and technological factors led to a rise of world exploration during the Renaissance? European countries wanted more power/land and they got it by getting spices, material, and other goods for trade; Looking for gold and other treasures.
From when to when did Christopher Columbus explore? 1492-1502
What was Columbus searching for? Sail west to reach Asia
What discoveries did Columbus make on his four voyages? Named San Salvador, founded a colony on Hispaniola, first European to set foot in South America, explored the coast of Central America.
From when to when did Vasco de Gama explore? 1497-1524
To where did de Gama sail? Why did Europeans want to establish a connection with this part of the world? He was searching for a water route that would give Portugal access to the spices of the east.
What were two hardships de Gama faced during his voyages? Trouble getting a trade agreement with the Native Americans, and faced violent opposition from the Arab traders.
From when to when did Ponce de Leon explore? 1502-1521
What land did Leon claim for Spain? Puerto Rico
What legendary land was Leon searching for? Why? Bimini, it was supposed to contain the fountain of the youth, it would make old people young again.
He discovered and named Florida, which means what? Full of flowers
From when to when did Hernan Cortez explore? 1504-1536
How did Cortez influence the history and culture of Cuba? He conquered Cuba, he raised livestock, and he mined there.
How did Cortez influence the history and culture of Mexico? He Conquered the Aztecs, seized the Aztec gold, destroyed Aztec temples, and began to convert them to Christianity.
What influence did Cortez have on California? He discovered the Gulf of California and set up the first Spanish colony in California.
From when to when did Ferdinand Magellan explore? 1519-1522
What was Magellan trying to accomplish in 1519? Westword route for Spain to the Spice Islands in the East Indies.
Why is the Strait of Magellan an important discovery? It connects the Atlantic and the Pacific along the southern coast of South America, making it unnecessary to go around Cape Horn.
Magellans most important accomplishment was to cirrcumnavigate the world. What does this mean? To travel around the globe
From when to when did Jaques Cartier explore? 1534-1541
For what was Cartier searching? For France; a northwest route to China by going north of North America
What were the accomplishments of his three voyages? Claim the Gaspe peninsula for France, sail the St. Lawrence, and name Montreal.
Many sailors suffered from a disease called scurvy. What causes it? What did Cartier discover that cured it? The disease is from lack of vitamin C. Cartier found that a brew of white cedar bark cured it.
From when to when did Henry Hudson explore? 1607-11
What was Hudson searching for? For what country? Northern sea route to China. For an English company.
Describe two discoveries about the geography of North America that resulted from Henry Hudson's explorations. Hudson River, Hudson Bay, James River, icy waterways.
How did his crew survive the harsh winter conditions? Ate lichens and frogs
Created by: allopennae19