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7 Hist BJU Ch 2 Test

According to Islam, Muhammad received his visions from him. Gabriel
Arabic word for "the god" Allah
Arabic word meaning "to strive hard" Jihad
Arabic word meaning "to succeed" Caliph
Capital of the Abbassid Caliphate Baghdad
Capital of the Byzantine Empire Constantinople
Capital of the Umayyad Caliphate Damascus
Destination of Muhammad's flight Medina
Eastern Orthodox Church established here in 988 Russia
Follower of Islam Muslim
In 1071, this group destroyed the Byzantine army, but did NOT end the Byzantine Empire. Seljuk Turks
Islam first spread to this area. Arabian Peninsula
Islam is based upon five principles commonly known as this Five Pllars
Islam teaches that the final revelation of God is this Qur'an
Islam teaches that this holy book contains errors and contradictions. Bible
Islamic holy book Hadith
Islamic Law Sharia
List three of the Five Pillars of Islam: (short answer) Daily Prayers, Pilgrimage to Mecca, Fasting during Ramadan
Location of the Ka'bah Mecca
Month of Muhammad's visions Ramadan
Muhammad's move from Mecca Hegira
Muslims believe that Jesus was a _________________ or great teacher prophet
Muslims believe that salvation is earned by this. works
Name for a required Islamic pilgrimage Hajj
Name for the leader of the Shiites Imam
One of the most important Byzantine weapons used against Islamic armies was.... Greek Fire
One who disagrees with Islam Infidel
Preserved much of Western thought Byzantine Empire
The architectural style of Russian cathedrals is modeled after that of the.... Byzantines
The destination of Islamic pilgrimages is.... Mecca
The Islamic Renaissance of learning and culture occurred during this dynasty. Abbassid Caliphate
The year the Arabs defeated the Sassanid Empire 637
These followers are forbidden to convert to another religion. Islam
These writings teach warfare against those who reject Islam. Qur'an and the Hadith
True/False: The followers of Islam have always avoided reading non-Islamic books. False
True/False: With the exception of a few violent instances, Islam can be characterized as a tolerant, peaceful religion. False
What impact did Charles Martel have on the Muslim advance in Western Europe? (short answer) He led the forces that stopped the Muslim advance in Western Europe
What people in the Western Europe stopped the spread of Islam? Franks
Where Islam's advance in Europe was stopped Tours
Wrote the Qur'an Abu Bakr and early Muslim leaders
Created by: Mrs_CC