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Social Studies Week 1

What is History? The study of people, places, and events that occur in the past
Who? What? When? Where? People, Events, Past, Places
Why is is history important and why should we study it? To learn about potential scenarios that could happen in the future. For example, the outcome of a war. If a nation decides to use chemical warfare we know what the possible outcomes will be. We can also use history to influence future choices.
One of the most important reasons why we study history is the following statement: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" -George Santayana (Spanish citizen raised in the U.S., Philosopher, Poet, and Novelist.)
Examples and or events in history to support the quote by George Santayana(5) 1. 9/11 2. Holocaust 3. Slavery in U.S. 4. Bombing of Pearl Harbor(Dec.7 ,1941) 5. All wars of any kind (American Revolution, Civil War, World War(s), Vietnam war, War on terrorism, etc...)
History is a narrative or study and is Interpretive. The telling of history is influenced by several things(6) 1.Gender (M or F) 2. Class:Rich, middle, poor 3. Race or ethnicity 4. Landscape: Urban(city) or rural surroundings 5: Nationality: American, European, African, Hispanic, Asian etc...) 6. Religion: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc...)
What is the definition of geography? The study of physical features on Earth (Rivers, mountains, towns, and counties) and the relationship between the people and the environment.
What is the definition of a county? a sub-division of a state
What is the definition of a geographic region? A large area with a commonest of features
How many counties are located in NC? 100
Which county in NC is located north of guilford? Rockingham (Eden, Madison)
Which county is located south of guilford? Randolf(Ashboro)
Which county is located east of guilford? Alamance (Burlington)
Which 2 counties are west of guilford? Davidson and Forsyth (Lexington; Winston-Salem, Kernersville)
How many regions are located in NC? 3
What are the names of the regions? (smallest to largest) Mountains, Piedmont, and Coastal Plains(Inner and Tidewater)
Which region of NC is guilford county in? Piedmont
What is a timeline? A way of displaying a list of events in chronological order (typically showing a long bar labeled with dates)
B.C.=? B.C.E=? A.D.=? Before Christ, Before common era, Ano Domoni (Latin for: year of the lord)
If the years are in the same time era you _____ and if they are in different eras you ______. Subtract the years; add the years (B.C.< B.C.E< A.D.)
What are the 4 cardinal directions? North, South, East, and West
What are the 4 intermediate directions? Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast
NC is bordered by which 4 states? Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia
Absolute vs Relative A= Longitude(prime meridian) and Latitude(Equator) R=
Regions can be as large as a ____ or as small as a ______. continent; neighborhood
The U.S. ranks _ in both total ____and ____. third; area and population. It is filled with an incredible variety of physical features, natural resources, climatic conditions, and people
Place refers to the physical and human characteristic of an area. Natural Features=?4 Human characteristics=?2 Physical setting, plants, animals, weather; language and cultural diversity of peoples
A region has a certain shared set of characteristics:(4) Politic division, climate, language or religion
Movement refers to the shifting of -----, ---, and ----- from one place to another. People, goods, and ideas
People constantly move in search of what? better places to live and they trade goods with one another over great distances
The environment has forced people to act how? People have had to invent ways to protect themselves from extreme weather and natural disasters.
The best place to begin our study of --- and ---- history is with the geography of these two places. North Carolina; American
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