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Wordly Wise 6 L2

The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement Wordly Wise 3000

Arrogant adj. Showing too much pride in oneself. n. A feeling of too much pride in oneself.
Boycott v. To join others in refusing to support an organization. n. The act of boycotting.
Campaign n. A series of action intended to accomplish a goal. A series of military actions in a particular area. v. To take part in actions planned to accomplish a particular goal.
Ceremony n. A formal event held in honor of a special occasion.
Custody n. Control over and responsibility for care. In the keeping of the police; jail.
Degrade v. To bring shame or disgrace upon. adj.Causing shame or disgrace.
Detain v. To stop or hold; to keep from going on.
Extend v. To reach out. To offer. To make longer. To stretch or speed outward form a certain point.
Integrate v. To unite into whole; especially to end the separation of people of different races. n. The act of uniting or bringing together, especially people of different races.
Segregate v. To keep separate or apart. n. The act of keeping separate or apart.
Supreme adj. The highest in rank or position. Of the greatest importance.
Triump n. A noteworthy success. The joy that winning brings. v. To win. adj. Joyful over victory or success.
Vacate v. To make empty, as by leaving.
Verdict n. The decision reached at the end of a trail. A judgment or opinion.
Violate v. To break, as a law or a promise. To treat in an improper or disrespectful way. n. A breaking of or falling to keep something like a law or a promise.
Created by: Niyah2006
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