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Swimming Key Terms

aerobic exercise Sustained, rhythmic , physical exercise that requires additional effort by the heart and lungs to meet the increased demand by the skeletal muscles for oxygen.
bobbing The skill of repeatedly submerging and pushing off the bottom to return to the surface.
buoyancy The upward force that water exerts on an object,
drag The resistance of a water on a body moving through it.
dry land training The use of out-of-water training techniques to improve swimming skills. These techniques fall into two areas: flexibility and strength training.
glide The stage of a stroke after the power phase when the body keeps moving without additional swimming effort.
power phase The stage when the arm or leg stroke is moving the body in the desired direction.
propulsive Causing motion in the desired direction.
recovery The phase of a stroke when the arms or legs relax and return to the starting position.
sculling A propulsion technique for moving though the water or staying horizontal using only the arms and hands to manipulate the flow of water.
streamlined position A body positioned so that as it moves through the water, it pushes the least amount of water, receiving the least amount of resistance.
target heart rate range The ideal heart rate range for an individual to maintain during exercise for greatest cardiovascular benefit.
treading water A skill using arm and leg movements to stay vertical in the same location with the head out of the water.
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