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6 Hist Ch 1 BJU

6 Hist Ch1 BJU

biblical beginning of history people could speak, write, lived in cities & farmed from the beginning of their existence
civilization organized cities & governments; social classes; job specialization; arts, science, & written language, and religion are characteristics of this
death, suffering & sin 3 consequences caused by Adam & Eve's disobedience
descendants generation after generation of people who originated from a certain person or group
dominion Control; rule; area of influence
evolutionary prehistory People evolved over time. People developed speech and written language over time.
false religions form when people reject God and his Word
Ham Noah's rebellious son: he did not receive a blessing
history of redemption when God told Satan that there would be hatred between Satan & Eve and between Satan's offspring & Eve's offspring
Holy Spirit guided the men who wrote the Bible
man's sin and wickedness why God sent the universal flood
migrate move from one country or region to another and settle there
nations developed after God caused people of Babel to speak different languages and scatter
prehistory A period of time that refers to events or objects that date before the written record existed.
redemption Christ's act of saving us from sin; salvation
replenish, subdue and have dominonion over the earth man's job according to Gen. 1:28
salvation through Jesus; defeat Satan God's promise in Gen. 3:15
sources person, book, etc., that gives information
the Fall resulted in people turning away from God; the earth rebelling against man's effort to subdue it: or Adam and Even being evicted from the Garden of Eden
worldview A person's view of the world, consisting of the set of beliefs on which he bases his life.
Created by: Mrs_CC
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