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american history 14

Guerillas an armed band that uses surprose attacks and sabotage rather than warfare
John J pershing sent more than 6000 US troops across the border to find and capture villa
Triple Entente Great Britain, France, and Russia
Nationalism a feeling of intense pride of one's homeland, became a powerful idea in Europe
Self- Determination people who belong to a nation should have their own country and government
Black Hand Serbian nationalist group; one of the members killed Ferdinand
Pancho Villa led a group of guerillas into new mexico
Allies France, Russia, Great Britain, USA, Italy
Central Powers Germany, Ottoman Empire, Hungary- Austria, and Bulgaria
propaganda information designed to influence opinion
contraband prohibited materials, to prevent neutral countries from shipping food to Germany
U-Boat submarines that the Germans deployed
Lusitania British passenger liner sunk by German U boats. 128 americans were killed
Sussex pledge promise by Germany not to sink any more merchant ships
Zimmerman telegram general official sent a note and wanted mexico to serve with germany. that it was intercepted by the british
consrciption forced military service
selective service act required all men between ages 21-30 to register for the draft
schenck v. the U.S. rule that an individuals freedom could be curved when the words uttered constitute clear and present danger
no mans land a rough barren landscape marked with craters from artillery fire
doughboys nickname for american soldiers
convoys merchant ships and troop transports gathered into groups
Bolsheviks group of communist led by vladimie lenin
Vladimir Lenin leader of the Bolshevik party
war industries board their job was to coordinate the production of was materials
Bernard Baruch appointed to run the WIB
victory Gardens helped raise their own crops leaving more food for troops
great migration massive population movement of african americans from the south to the north for jobs
committee on public information had the task of 'selling' the war to the american people
espionage spying to aquire secret government information
army nursing corps the only women to actually serve in the army overseas
armstice ceasefire, that ended the war
big four the leaders of the victorious allied nations
fourteen points based on the principle of justice to all peoples and nationalities
league of nations general association of nations
treaty of versailles treaty signed by germany for peace
reparations war dameges
red scare nationwide panic of communists
j edgar hoover head of the intelligence division
trench warfare main form of warfare during the ww1 soldiers would dig trenches and fortify themsleves
mustard gas causes vomiting, blindness, and suffocation first used by the germans
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