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secession&civil war

U.S history

popular sovereignty letting the people vote
Free Soil Party wants new territory free from slaves, slavery is immoral, if you are poor you cant afford slaves.
Secession to separate or withdraw, the event that marks the beginning of the civil war
compromise of 1820 solves the issue of slavery, Missouri wants to enter the union as a slave state, as one state wants to be slave state then another state has to enter as a free state, everything north latitude 36 is a free states and south of the line are slaves states
compromise of 1850 cali enters as a free state but no slave state enter. south became pissed, fugitive slave law was passed: any free slave in the north has to return to the south to its master. then North became pissed
Kansas- Nebraska act Stephan Douglas, wanted to become president, wanted to impress the south letting the people vote on whether the people want to allow slavery or not
Uncle Tom's cabin book written by , book on anti-slavery, cause of civil war, fiction, made north sad and south took book as threat
John Brown invades Harper Ferry (where gov. keeps weapons), radical abolitionist, wanted to start a slave rebellion, murdered any slave masters, viewed as a hero in the north and animal in the south.
Dred Scott decision 1857, takes slave from slave to free state, slave thinks he is free but master says no, case goes to trial (case: is a slave free in a free territory?)
Crittenden Compromise proposal for the government to protect slavery. lincoln rejected it.
Confederate States of America South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Luisiana, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas (seven states seceded when lincoln was elected.
Jefferson Davis president of the confederate states
Border States Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, West Virgina (states with slaves bc of lincoln)
Robert E. Lee top commander of the confederate army, from Virginia, rejects lincolns offer to be commander of the union.
U.S Grant commander of the Union Army, not first choice
"Stonewall" Jackson confederate army
William T. Sherman total war, burns down rebel towns, destroys everything in his path while in south, his objective was to bring the U.S back together.
Ironclads steam propelled warships protected by iron or steel armor plates
Conscription Laws military draft, in the beginning of the war it was voluntarily and eventually it became mandatory. all males from 20-45
Clara Barton war nurse, risked her life to save soldiers, called the angel of the battlefield, helped distribute supplies to the Army
Emancipation Proclamation document said every slave would be free. didnt apply to border states only states that seceded, didnt stop slavery
Gettsburg Address famous speech by lincoln to honor the dead soldiers.
Copperheads nicknames given to the democrats who were against the war
Trent Affair incident in 1861, we took two confederate soldiers and then gave it back so war wouldn't start, threatened a war with England
John W. Booth assassinated lincon
Anaconda Plan unions plan, military plan to defeat confederacy. 1. Naval blockade,2 take over Mississippi river, 3. take over Richmond, Virginia (capital of the confederacy.
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