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vocabulary week two

words of Note vocabulary list

charter government grant giving a person or group the right to explore and colonize
clemency a legal action that pardons someone or lessens a punishment; mercy, pity
deport to expel a person from a country
emigrate to leave one's country
exile living in a foreign country after being legally expelled from one's native country
exodus departure, usually of a group of people from their native land
garrison fort or military outpost
immigrate to enter a country for the purpose of settling there
indenture a contract that requires on person to work for another for a certain length of time
legislation laws
papal relating to the Pope or the Roman Catholic Church
propaganda a system of spreading political or religious beliefs; false statments
proprietor an owner of property
provisions food and supplies,
Protestantism the churches that reject the Pope's authority and separated from the Roman Catholic Church
sanctuary protection from punishment; refuge
sect a group of people who share the same beliefs or philosophy
shackle to place metal cuffs of a person's ankles or wrist
tyranny harsh or cruel punishment
vagrant a wandering, homeless person; beggar
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