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Turn of the Century

Set 1: Westward Expansion

westward expansion the nation continued to grow and needed more property, so the government decided to send people westward
cattle trail a trail over which cattle were driven to market
Chisholm Trail a cattle trail from that ran from San Antonio, Texas to Abilene, Kansas
Great Western Cattle Trail a cattle and horse trail that ran from Texas up to the Dakotas to meet the railroads to have them shipped to the east
black cowboys African-Americans, some that were former slaves, that chose to work on cattle ranches after the civil war
Wright Brothers made the first powered flight in an airplane
George Washington Carver created products from sweet potatoes and peanuts and also made contributions to crop rotation (growing different crops and switching each season)
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone which increased communication among people all over the world
Thomas Edison the light bulb is his most famous invention, but he had over 1,000 patents that included movie film cameras and the phonogragh (record player)
Created by: bethjenkins
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