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Unit 2 lvl H

Saldier's Oxford Vocab Workshop

Solecism a substandard/ungrammatical usage; a breach of etiquette; any impropriety/mistake misusage, blunder, faux pas correct usage
Vassal (n) a person under the protection of a federal lord to whom s/he owes allegiance; a subordinate/dependent; a servant; (adj) subservient (n) menial, minion (adj) servile (n) overlord
Verisimilitude the quality of appearing to be true/real/likely/probably realism, lifelikeness, authenticity
Aegis protection; patronage; sponsorship auspices
Apprise to inform of; two make aware of by giving oral/written notice acquaint, notify keep secret, withhold info
Bibulous fond of or inclined to drink ; absorbent inebrious, alcoholic teetotaling, abstemious, temperate
Claque a group of ppl to applaud a performer performance; enthusiastic or facing admirers; an opera hat fan club, flatterers, hangers-on
Deracinate to pull up by the roots; to root out, uproot or dislocate; to eliminate all traces of extirpate, eradicate, expunge implant, nurture, foster, instill
Eleemosynary charitable; dependent upon or supported by charity; derived from provided by charity philanthropic, beneficent selfish, self-seeking, uncharitable
Indigenous originating in the country/region where found, native; inborn; inherent endemic, domestic, homegrown foreign, alien, exoteric, imported
Lachrymose given to tears/weeping; causing to shed tears; mournful, lugubrious tearful, doleful, dolorous dry-eyed, cheerful, merry, hilarious
Lexicon a dictionary of a language; the subject vocal of a person/group/subject; a compendium wordbook, glossary
Melee a confuse struggle; a violent free-for-all; a tumultuous mingling fracas, brawl, scuffle, donnybrook friendly chat, peace & quiet
Microcosm a mini world/universe; a group/system viewed as the model of a larger group/system epitome, world in a little universe, macrocosm, cosmos, totality
Minuscule (adj) very small, tiny; (n) a lowercase letter infinitesimal, insignificant huge, massive, monumental
Obfuscate to darken/obscure; to confuse/bewlider muddy the waters clarify, elucidate, explicate
Paternalism the policy/practice of treating/governing ppl in the manner of a father dealing w/ his children benevolence, solicitude, fatherliness
Polarize to cause to concentrate around 2 conflicting/contrasting positions; to cause light to vibrate in a pattern spilt, divide, alienate, estrange unite, unify, reconcile
Purview the range/extent/scope of something; in law, the scope/limit of what is provided a statue jurisdiction, orbit
Sanguine having rudy complexion; of a natural cheerful/confident/optimistic outlook flushed, rosy bloodiness, ashen, pessimistic, gloomy
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