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8.2 Jamestown

The founding of Jamestown

joint stock company investors who started new colonies in order to make a profit from natural resources and trade; led to successful colonization efforts in 1607 at Jamestown
Virginia Company investors in England who started Jamestown, hoping to become wealthy from gold in 1607
James River colony of Jamestown located near the James River
John Smith military officer that led Jamestown & stated "If you don't work, you don't eat"; befriended Pocahontas and the Powhatan tribe
Pocahontas daughter of Chief Powhatan who helped to bring peace between the Powhatan and colonists in Jamestown; in 1610 she married John Rolfe, bringing peace
Powhatan Chief of the Powhatan people who chose to ultimately decided to pursue a peaceful relationship with the colonists of Jamestown
John Rolfe a leader in Jamestown, he married Pocahontas in 1610; began to grow & sell a better quality of tobacco, and promoted the development of tobacco plantations in Virginia
"starving time" The winter of 1609-1610, 2/3 of Jamestown colonists died from starvation as a result of poor leadership, low food supplies, and a siege by the Powhatan tribe.
tobacco plant grown in the Virginia colony and popular in England, John Rolfe brought economic success to Jamestown after establishing tobacco plantation in 1610
indentured servants colonists who agreed to work for a period of time--usually 7 years--to pay for their passage to Jamestown; were NOT forced to work for someone for the rest of their lives
slaves individuals who were forced to work for another individual; brought to Jamestown in 1619; the circumstances surrounding the institution of slavery changed over the course of time
arrival of women in an effort to create a long-term settlement, women were brought to Jamestown beginning in 1608, in order that they would find husbands among the men in Jamestown, create homes and raise families
House of Burgesses the first representative government in the English colonies, formed in 1619
representative government men elected by members of Jamestown to make laws for the colony
headright system individuals given 50 acres of land for each individual worker they brought into Jamestown; tobacco required a lot of land and labor in order to produce; this was the beginning of what would become the plantation economy in Virginia
charter an agreement/contract given by the English government for individuals to set up colonies; outlined rights and responsibilities of those who lived in the colony
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