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8.1 Colonization

European Exploration & Colonization

mercantilism economic theory that led European countries to exploit the natural resources of their colonies in order to export more products than they imported
the 3 goals of European exploration and colonization? God, Gold & Glory
"God" the desire to spread Christianity to North America
"Gold" the desire for wealth/gold
"Glory" patriotism and the desire to create powerful empires
France colonized North America from the Mississippi Valley region northward through the Great Lakes and into Quebec/Canada
Spain colonized South & Central America, and into the southwest area of North America
England colonized eastern coast of N. America
Columbian Exchange The transfer of plants, animals, cultural traits, food, people, etc. between Europe and the "new world" (N. America) beginning in the 1500s
Northwest Passage An all-water route across N. America and through the Pacific O. to Asia that would help Europeans access a shorter trade route; it did not exist
Native Americans negatively impacted after European exploration and colonization in N. America, including warfare, enslavement, and the death of millions after exposure to disease
surplus population occurs in Europe following the increased food products that are available as a result of the Columbian Exchange; becomes another motivation for colonization
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