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Identify legal means of becoming a US citizenship

14th amendment defines citizen, grant citizen to former slaves and defines vote of 21 year old males
Citizen legal member of a state or a country
immigrant a person who comes to a country permanently
law of blood being a citizen based on your parents being a citizen
law of soil being a citizen based on being born in the U. S.
naturalization the process by which a immigrant becomes a citizen
resident someone who lives in a place for a minimum period of time
Process of becoming a citizen at least 18 years old, resident of the U.S. for five years, being able to read, write, and speak English, take test to demonstrate knowledge of American History and the constitution, be of good moral character, interview
the last step of naturalization the oath of allegiance, it requires the person to pledge their loyalty to the U.S.
common good beliefs or actions that are seen as a benefit to larger community rather than individual interests known as common good
obligation (duty) something a person is required to do
responsibility something a person should do
selective service system by which men 18 through 26 years old registered with U. S. government for military service
identify the obligations and duties of citizens obey the laws, pay taxes, jury duty, defending the nation
responsibilities the common good is not supported it can become the responsibility of tax payers
examples of responsibilities volunteering, voting, being informed, and educated respecting the values and beliefs in others
obligations/duties results in a fine or jail time
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