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7 Hist BJU Ch 1 Test

7 Hist BJU World Studies Ch 1 Test Review

120 years How long did God delay His judgment on the world while Noah was building the ark?
410 AD year Rome was plundered by barbarians
Abel, Cain, Seth Adam and Eve's sons
Abrahamic Covenant promise by Jehovah of a seed, a land and a universal blessing
Arius a church teacher who claimed the Jesus was not God
Augustine Christain leader in Hippo, North Africa
Barbarians a name for people that are not Greek of Roman
Byzantine empire Old Eastern Portion????
Cain offered God sacrifice of crops
Christ or Messiah "anointed one"
city cultural institution in which humans who share certain core values work together to improve their quality of life
city-states cities that had their own governments, independent of those other cities
civilization human culture as it is lived in cities or under the influence of cities
Constantine Roman Emperor who converted to Christianity (AD 306 - 337)
Constantinople Greek city of Byzantium, the New Rome, western part of the empire
Coptic Church Taught that JESUS was God but not really human.
Council of Nicaea Constantine had a group meet to consider the deity of Christ; concluded that JESUS WAS GOD, confirmed doctrine of the Trinity
covenant an agreement or promise
creation The act by which God brought the universe into being
Creation Mandate humans' job which is to subdue the earth and have dominion over it
culture the physical and mental environment developed through human thought and labor
Davidic Covenant God's covenant with David that his seed would last forever, his seed would play a role in fulfilling Abrahamic covenant of a lasting nation, and Seed of David would bring messiah
Diocletian the last and wide spreed persecution of the christ relign .He was a romen emperor. 284-305 ad; last and most widespread persecution of Christians;
Divine Sovereignty God's complete and permanent control over the world
dominion man is responsible to care for God's creation
Edict of Milan Ordered by Constantine which put an end to the Christians persecution after 300 years
Fall negative effects of Adam's sin
Genesis beginning; origin
Gospel that Jesus died for our sins and has been raised again to save them for ever.
Ham Noah's rebellious son
image of God set of qualities possessed by all humans that reflects God's personality
Jacob grandson of Abraham, son of Isaac and Rebekah, brother of Esau, and the traditional ancestor of Israelites. His name was changed to Israel, and his 12 sons became the 12 Tribes of Israel.
Jehovah God
Jesus of Nazareth born around 4 BC most important human being who has ever lived, the great savior.!
Judaism religion that belives that thought the Messiah had not come yet.
Mesopotamia A region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers; where Abraham was from
monotheism the belief in one God
Mosaic Covenant Israel promised to obey God's rules and God would make them a special nation as long as they obeyed His commands
nation very large group of people who share the same language , family history, land area and culture
nation-states nations having their own government s, independent of other nations
Nero First Roman emperor to persecute Christians
Nestotians had got powerful in the east
New Covenant God's promise to put His rules in the hearts of His people so that they would want to obey
Nod land Cain's descendants lived in
Patrick missionary to Ireland
polytheism the belief that there are many gods
redemption the action of saving or being saved from sin
Rome fire Nero blamed Christians for this tragedy
Saul of Tarsus he was a man who tried to wipe out the church ,but met the messiah and reverted his ways.
seed of the serpent Satan's seed that would harm all people
seed of the woman God's people; made in His image; would fight with seed of Serpent but would one day defeat seed of serpent
serpent The form taken by Satan in the Garden of Eden.
Seth his name means "appointed"
sin the reason for the flood
Table of Nations Genesis 10 which lists the descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth
Ten Commandments ten laws showing Israel how to love God and other humans
Theodosius I made Christianity the official religion of Rome
tree of the knowledge of good and evil forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden
Trinity The truth that God, although one, is three Divine Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Created by: Mrs_CC
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