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18 Fall - SS Unit 1


Where did Christianity develop? within the Roman Empire
Christianity developed into a new religion by following the teachings of which spiritual leader? Jesus of Nazareth
Where was Jesus born? Bethlehem
What other religion does Christianity get some of its beliefs? Judaism
What was Jesus' message? for people to seek forgiveness for sins in preparation for Gods Judgment day without armed revolt
What happened to Jesus when authorities got alarmed about his popularity causing political uprisings? he was arrested, tried, sentenced to death for treason & crucified on the cross
What happened after Jesus was crucified and buried? he rose from the dead on the third day (Easter), spent 40 days teaching disciples on Earth and then ascended into heaven
Who did Jesus pick to spread the religion? 12 Apostles that were the earliest Christian Missionaries
What was the Messiah to the Jews? a spiritual leader, according to prophecy, that would restore ancient kingdom & bring peace to the world
What does the Christian Bible contain? Hebrew Bible & the New Testament
What does the New Testament contain? the Gospels, letters of Paul, and other writings by early Christians
What did Jesus do that excited people? performed miracles of healing & defended the poor and oppressed
Who are the Popes? Bishops of Rome & Peter’s spiritual heirs
Created by: lprinke