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Constitution Jane Ad

Constitution Test review

House that must start all money or tax bills? House of Representatives
Leader is the Vice President? Senate
Leader is known as the Speaker? House of Representatives
Representation is based on population? House of Representatives
Term of office is six years. Senate
Term of office is two years. House of Representatives
The Supreme Court consists of how many justices? 9
This establishes the supreme law of the land Constitution
What is a census? Counting of the population
How often does the U.S. take a census! Every 10 years
Which branch of government is known as Congress Legislative
Name the highest court in the U.S. Supreme Court
How many jjudges are on the Supreme Court? 9
The lead judge is called.... Chief Justice
For how long does a Supreme Court Justice keep their job? For life
How does a Supreme Court Justice get their job? President appoints them
Why did the Articles of Confederation not work? They were too weak
How did delegates settle arguments at the Constitutional Convention? Compromise
Who is the leader of our military? President
Why is the President called the Commander in Chief? He/she leads the military
Who takes over if the President can no longer serve? Vice President
Who takes over if the President and Vice President can't serve. Speaker of the House
How is the Speaker of the House selected? The House votes for someone from the political party with the most/ majority of representatives
What is the job of the legislative branch? Make laws
What is the job of the executive branch? Enforce or carry out the laws
What is the job of the judicial branch! Interpret the laws
How many senators are there? 50
How many members of the House are there? 435
What do you call an idea or a new law? A bill
Ratify means... To approve
Veto means to... Reject
Who is the Father of the Constitution? James Madison
Who declares war? Legislative Branch
Term of office is 2 years. House of Representatives
Term of office is 6 years Senate
Congress is also known as... Legislative branch
The head of executive branch for a state. governor
What is the General Assembly? The legislative branch at the state level
This states the purpose of the Constitution. the Preamble
What is an amendment? a change or addition to the Constitution
What is the purpose of the Bill of Rights? protects the rights of individual citizens
3/4 states must approve an... amendment
Name an important duty of a citizen. Voting
State Supreme Courts are found at the state or federal level? Judicial branch of a state
Created by: mags38