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Andrew Johnson abrahams vice president when abraham died Andrew was sworn in to office quickly Reconstruction was now his responseibility
Freedmens bureau an agency providing relief for freedpeople and certain poor people in the south
Reconstruction the process of readmitting the former confederate states to the union
Black codes laws that greatly limited the freedoms of african americans
Radical wanted the federal governments to be much more involved in reconstruction
Fourteenth amendment It allowed minorities to do schooling and education
Republican Most republicans were moderate who wanted the south to have loyal state governments
Impeach is the process used by a legislative body to bring charges of wrongdoing to a public official
Thaeddus Stevens he was a radical republican who favored the fourteenth amendment
Wade-Davis Bill that congress should control the southern states not the president
Scalawag Democrats who joined republican party in order to manipulate new black voters
Carpetbagger Northerners who migrated to the south in order to establish themselves.
Hiram Revels Mississippi 1st black senator
Sharecropping In exchange for land to work workers gave up portions of crop fields
Tenant Farming Workers bought land and worked it being able to keep what they farmed.
Ku Klux Klan Formed in western tennessee by general forrest who had checkered his own war history
Samuel J. Tilden Tilden won the popular vote
Panic of 1873 Lack of one stable currency
Compromise of 1877 Was reached to settle the dispute of 1876
Redemption regaining or gaining possession in exchange for payment
Home Rule South has a lot of power to do what they want without interference from the federal government
Rutherford B. Hayes he led the country through the end of reconstruction
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