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The 13 Colonies

What is Roanoke? This colony was the first English colony in North America though it failed twice, and rather miserably.
What is Jamestown? Though this colony took a beating, it did become the first English Colony to survive in the New World.
What is Massachusetts Bay? This colony was so strict that they outlawed Christmas, and was known for not getting along well with anyone.
What is Plymouth? This colony was established by the Separatists as they found it by being a bit off course.
What is Georgia? This colony was established as a way to keep the Spanish in Florida, along with providing a safe haven for English debtors.
Who are the Separatists/Pilgrims? This group left England to separate from the Church of England because of Catholic influence from within the Church.
Who are the Puritans? This group wanted to purify the Church of England of Catholic influences, but all they did was purify lands from Native Americans in Massachusetts Bay.
What is Connecticut? This colony was founded by Thomas Hooker on the idea that the separation of church and state was crucial to a colony’s survival.
Who are the Quakers? This group founded Pennsylvania on the idea of religious equality for all groups.
What is Pennsylvania? William Penn founded this colony on the idea that everyone was equal in God’s eyes.
What is Thanksgiving? The Separatists and the Wampanoag tribes got along so well in the first year at Plymouth that a three-day feast was held that is known today at this.
What is Rhode Island? This colony was established by Roger Williams with the belief that more religious freedom should be expanded to other Christian groups.
What is King Philip's war? Wampanoag, Mohawk, and other Indian tribes were furious at Puritans who claimed land from them, and fought this encounter that lasted 14 months.
What is the Mayflower Compact? This was the first English legal document signed in the New World, and it gave a structure of government to the Separatists at Plymouth.
What are the Salem Witch Trials? The separation of church and state was non-existent as this series of trials were held to convict “witches.”
What is the House of Burgesses? The first representative government in North America that was established in Jamestown.
What are the Fundamental orders of Connecticut? This document was written by Thomas Hooker when he founded Connecticut that outlined that church and state would be separate.
What is the Massachusetts Bay Charter? This charter signed by the Puritans group outlined that the Puritans would strictly follow the word of God, and the King of England…while making some money for themselves.
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