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076 Test

This DMV contains the last 10,000 logins. The session_id is the primary key and is assigned sequentially for each new logon. sys.dm_pdw_exec_sessions
This DMV contains the last 10,000 queries executed. The request_id uniquely identifies each query and is the primary key for this DMV sys.dm_pdw_exec_requests
This DMV retrieves the query's distributed SQL (DSQL) plan sys.dm_pdw_request_steps
This DMV retrieves information about a data movement step running on each distribution sys.dm_pdw_dms_workers
This DMV retrieves details which contains execution information of the query step on all of the distributed databases sys.dm_pdw_sql_requests
Property of the ADF for schema of the dataset and is not required Structure
Property of the ADF which is the name of the dataset and is required Name
Property of the ADF which is the type of dataset and is required Type
Property of the ADF which are different for each kind of datasets and is required typeProperties
This property of the ADF is a boolean flag that specifies if a dataset is specifically produced by a pipeline or not. Not required external
Which Temporal Window counts events within a pre-defined time frame? Tumbling Window
Which Temporal Window has overlapping windows of timed events? Hopping Window
Which Temporal Window fires off with even and can fire another event in another window Sliding Windows
What's the best practice SU's in streaming jobs for queries that do not have partitions 6
Calculate # of Streaming SU's starting with 6 - The query contains one step. - The step is not partitioned. 6
Calculate # of Streaming SU's starting with 6 - The input data stream is partitioned by 16. - The query contains one step. - The step is partitioned. 96 (6* 16 Partitions)
Calculate # of Streaming SU's starting with 6 - The query contains two steps. - Neither of the steps is partitioned. 6
Calculate # of Streaming SU's starting with 6 - The input data stream is partitioned by 3. - The query contains two steps. The input step is partitioned and - the second step is not. - The SELECT statement reads from the partitioned input. 24 (18 for partitioned steps + 6 for non-partitioned steps
What is the preferred method for loading data from external sources into an Azure Data Warehouse? CTAS (Create Table As Select)
What columns in Azure Warehouse should you create statistics on? Columns used in Joins, Group By, and Where
What 3 fundamental steps happen when you add a clustered column store index? 1. Data is divided into 1 million row row groups 2. Separate data into columns called segment 3. Compress each segment
DW Workload Analysis - Queries that sit outside of the concurrency slot framework LocalQuerriesConcurrencyResourceType
DW Workload Analysis - Queries that sit inside the concurrencyslot framework UserConcurrencyResourceType
DW Workload Analysis - Waits resulting from data movement operations DmsConcurrencyResourceType
DW Workload Analysis - Indicates that a database is being backed up BackupConcurrencyResourceType
What gives us statistics regarding memory and CPU utilization in the workload group in ADW dm_pdw_nodes _resource_governor_workload_groups
Created by: ruyguy
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