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TOGY4W26 Terms

Agent Orange A strong chemical used by US armed forces during the Vietnam War to defoliate jungles to find enemy soldiers. It was code-named "Agent Orange" from the color of the identifying stripe on the drums in which it was stored
Booby trap any trap concealed or disguised as a harmless object and set for an unsuspecting person. It may range from an intricately-constructed explosive to a covered pit filled with sharpened stakes, such as the vicious “punji sticks” used by the Viet Cong
Immigrant a person who moves into one country from another, usually to stay
Medicare a program under the US Social Security Administration that pays for the medical bills of people over 65 years old and certain other disabled persons
Nobel Peace Prize (1) one of the five Nobel Prizes awarded by the Swedish industrialist and inventor Alfred Nobel (the other categories are physics, chemistry, physiology (medicine), and literature).
Nobel Peace Prize (2) Nobel's wanted it to be awarded to the person who:"during the preceding year..shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations... the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses."
Poverty a state of having little or no money, or any means to support one's self
Register (n ) 1) a book in which records are kept; 2) a list or record of acts, events, etc ; 3) (v) to enter into a register
Trip wire a wire used to set off hidden explosives (or to trigger any kind of trap, camera, etc), especially one laid across a path to be activated by the foot of an enemy soldier
Affluent wealthy; having an abundance of material goods; rich
De facto in fact, in reality (eg, what a person's official title or position is as opposed to what they actually do); having a certain position in effect though not formally recognized
Militant (adj) 1) extremely active and aggressive, especially in support of a cause; 2) participating in warfare or fighting; 3) (n) a militant person
Minority 1) (political) (see Week 8]; 2) (social) a group smaller than, and differing from (especially in skin color, religion, or ethnic background), the majority of an area's population
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