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TOGY4W15 Terms

Bomb shelter a building or other structure, often underground, in which people hide from explosions
Concentration camp a camp where prisoners of war and political enemies are held
Destruction demolition or devastation
Draft a way of selecting people, usually randomly, from a body of persons for forced military service
Liberate to set free (as a slave from slavery, or an occupied nation from its conquerors)
Ration a fixed amount of provisions or food given, especially for soldiers or sailors, but also for any citizens during a food shortage (often, a shortage caused by war)
Submarine a vessel that is built to be operated and navigated under water; almost always built for battle and armed with torpedoes, and used for stealthy attacks upon enemy ships or other targets
Survivor a person who continues to live in spite of calamity (usually contrasted with the casualties who did not survive)
Amphibious 1) able to live both on land and in water; 2) pertaining to military operations that involve both land and naval forces against the same target; 3) pertaining to a military craft (often a troop transport) capable of moving over both land and water
Anti-Semitism discrimination against or hostility toward Jews (a Semitic race; ie , descended from Noah's son Shem)
Aryan 1) member or descendant of ancient people who spoke the Indo-European language and lived in central Asia (this group invaded India, forcing the darker-skinned Dravidians south); 2) in Nazi doctrine, a non-Jewish, light-skinned Caucasian, blonde/blue eyes
Crematorium a furnace used for the cremation (burning) of dead bodies, often en masse as a means of rapid disposal when burial is not practical
Internment camp a prison camp for the confinement of prisoners of war, enemies, political prisoners, etc
Resistance 1) the act of resisting or opposing; 2) (often initial capital letter) a secret organization of private individuals working to overthrow their oppressors (usually, an occupying nation), typically using sabotage, guerrilla warfare, etc
Retaliation the act of retaliating; return of evil for evil
Saboteur a person who sabotages, generally against an enemy nation.
Surveillance the act of observing or the condition of being observed, especially for political reasons
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