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TOGY4W14 Terms

Armada a large fleet of warships
Convoy a group of merchant ships escorted by warships to protect them
Ferry a boat carrying people and their possessions or vehicles from one side of a body of water to another
Harbor part of a body of water close to the coast that is deep enough to anchor a ship; a sheltered inlet
Minesweeper a ship that removes or disarms mines placed in a harbor or ocean by an enemy
Navy all of the warships of a country and the men who administrate them
Pier a structure that stretches out over the water; where a ship docks
Regiment a unit of military ground forces with headquarters and supporting units
Tow to pull along with a rope or chain
Tug (noun) a boat that tows other boats into a harbor or generally guides larger boats where they need to be
Ally a nation that has made an agreement of peace with another nation for a specific purpose, often protection
Annihilation complete and total destruction
Cabinet (political) a group of advisors who help a ruler run the nation
Democracy a system of government in which the majority rules by voting, either directly or by appointing representatives to vote for them
Evacuation the act of emptying or withdrawing people from a location, often in the interests of safety
Ghetto part of a city where the disadvantaged live, usually a minority group under economic or social restrictions
Isolationist a person who believes that his country should refrain from political or economic relations with other countries, ie , that his country should stay isolated from the rest of the world
Pacifist a person who believes that war and violence wrong and that most disputes between nations can and should be settled diplomatically and peacefully
Pact an agreement
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