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TOGY4W13 Terms

Altitude height in the air, usually measured in relation to sea level
Aviator a person who flies an airplane; a pilot
Cockpit the place in a plane where the pilot sits
Destination a place to which a person travels; the intended stopping point of a journey
En route (French) on the way
Logbook a book in which details of a ship or airplane's trip are kept, usually by a captain or pilot
Pilot a person who flies an airplane
Rudder a small, moveable piece at the back of a ship or airplane, used for steering
Transatlantic reaching across or crossing the Atlantic
Transport to move something from one place to another
Absolute complete and unlimited
Campaign a series of actions (surveillance, espionage, combat, etc ) in order to achieve a particular military objective
Chancellor a high official in many European countries, often equivalent to a prime minister
Communism (capitalized) a political party that controls all social and economic activity in a totalitarian state, also called Leninism (See communism (lower-case) in Week 7
Dictator a person who exercises absolute control over a country, usually by seizing control of the government with no prior claim
Fascism a system of government in which a dictator controls a strong central government, which places firm restrictions on industry and labor and strongly suppresses all opposition. It is usually characterized by extreme nationalism, militarism, and racism
Nationalism extreme patriotism and devotion to the interest's of one's own nation
Nazism a system of government similar to Fascism, first implemented by Adolf Hitler in Germany, which features a dictator and a totalitarian government, strict national control of industry, anti-Semitism, and communism
Reparations some form of compensation for wrongdoing, especially payments made by a defeated country to the victors in the aftermath of war
Totalitarian a government controlled by a dictator or political group that exerts total control over the country, including the suppression of all opposition
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