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TOG Y4 W12 Terms

Administration the managing of something (as a business or school), or the people in charge of managing something
Agency an organization that offers a service for other businesses or for individuals
Aid help or assistance
Deposit money placed in a bank or other institution to keep it safe
Economy management of limited resources and the productiveness of those resources. Greek word oikonomia meant "management of the household” and was concerned with many things besides money; now, the term chiefly refers to the financial condition of a nation
Program a plan of what is to be done or performed
Policy 1) a plan of action; 2) a written contract between an insurer and a customer
Wages the money paid to a worker
Assistance the act of helping or giving support
Benefits something gained by a person from an employer or government beyond strict wages, usually involving insurance and payment for necessities
Conservation 1) careful preservation (especially of the environment or natural resources) against harm, waste, or loss; 2) formal supervision of natural resources so that they might be preserved and protected through stewardship
Construction 1) the act of building or assembling something 2) a thing which is so built; a structure
Erosion the process of gradually eating or chipping away at something; used especially of soil
Industrial referring to manufacturing or to a business which makes a product (as opposed to a business that supplies a service)
Pension a regular payment of non-wage money to a person, usually because of long service in a particular role or because of injury
Welfare aid provided by the government to unemployed people or to those in financial trouble
Agriculture cultivating the soil to make it grow crops; often synonymous with farming.
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