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TOG Y4 W10 Terms

Dividend a sum of money that is paid to shareholders of a corporation out of its earnings, in proportion to the number of shares of stock they hold
Economy the management of limited resources and productiveness of those resources. The original Greek word oikonomia = "management of the household" concerning many things besides money; now, the term chiefly refers to the financial condition of a nation
Law of supply and demand relation between the quantity of goods offered at a price (supply) and the quantity of goods purchased at that price (demand). These two forces determine prices in the general market. Also why things that are more rare are more expensive
Margin borrowed money that is used to purchase securities (stocks or bonds). This practice is referred to as “buying on margin
Prosperity the state of being successful and wealthy
Shares certificates of partial ownership in a company, sold to investors, entitling the shareholder to a portion of the profits and other privileges; also called stocks
Stockholder a person who holds shares of stock in a company; shareholder
Stock broker a person who buys and sells stocks for others
Stock market a place where stocks and bonds are traded, bought, and sold; stock exchange
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