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TOG Y4 W7 Terms

Cashmere yarn, fabric, or garments made from the fine, downy wool at the roots of the hair of Kashmir goats [Kashmir is a beautiful region of central Asia primarily located in northern India, but also extending into Pakistan and China
Cheviot (shev-ee-ut) a woolen fabric in a coarse twill weave; used to make coats and suits; made from the short, thick wool of the hornless sheep raised in Great Britain's Cheviot Hills
Embroidery 1) the art of embellishing or ornamenting a fabric with raised designs using silk, cotton, gold, silver, or other threads, with a needle; needlework; 2) the products of this art
Flannel a soft, warm fabric of wool (or wool and another fiber), used for clothing Gingham
Herringbone a type of twill (diagonal) weave having a pattern of adjoining vertical rows of slanting lines (often black-onwhite), where any two lines together form either a V or an upside-down V; often used in textiles, embroidery, etc
Organdy a stiff, transparent fabric of cotton or silk, used for trim, curtains, and light clothing
Percale a closely woven cotton fabric used for sheets and clothing
Serge a twilled cloth of worsted (firmly twisted wool thread) or worsted and wool, often used for suits
Voile a light, plain-weave, sheer fabric of cotton, rayon, silk, or wool used especially for making dresses and curtains
Amendment a change or addition to a law, bill, constitution, etc
Anarchist a person who desires and works to violently overturn all forms and institutions of society and government, without replacing them with new ways of keeping order. Anarchists are anti-government
Bigotry inflexible, rigid, and complete intolerance of anything that differs from one's own type or set of beliefs, be that skin color, opinion, religion, language, etc. Bigotry is intimately tied to prejudice and discrimination
Bootlegger one who unlawfully makes, sells, or transports alcoholic liquor, without registering or paying of taxes (or in defiance of Prohibition)
Communism (lower-case) a theory of government or society in which actual ownership of property is given to the community as a whole or to the state; also called Marxism. (See Communism (capitalized) in Week 13).
Prohibition 1) a law or decree that forbids something; 2) the period in US history (1920-1933) when the Eighteenth Amendment was in force, making the manufacturing, transportation, and selling of alcoholic beverages illegal
Ratify to confirm something formally (often a Constitutional Amendment) by expressing approval or consent
Speakeasy a saloon or nightclub that sells illegal alcoholic beverages; these were especially common during Prohibition
Suffrage the right or privilege of voting
Temperance 1) self-control, moderation, or self-restraint; 2) complete refusal to drink alcoholic beverages
Created by: jamallwh
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