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TOG Y4 W5 Terms

Canteen 1) a small container, used especially by soldiers and hikers for transporting water or other liquids; 2) a general store and cafeteria at a military base
Countermine a tunnel dug to intercept and destroy an enemy's mine
Explosive a device or substance used to produce an explosion, as dynamite, bombs, shells, gunpowder, etc
Mine (military) 1) a tunnel dug under an enemy location to destroy it by explosives, cause it to collapse, or gain access to it for an attack; 2) a hidden or buried explosive device used against the enemy, with a delayed fuse or trigger
Observation (military) the act of observing, noting and recording something (eg the position or movements of the enemy); the information gotten by such observing
Raid a sudden attack on an enemy, as by air or by a small land force, often to seize resources or a position
Reinforcement an additional supply, especially of personnel, ships, etc for a military force
Scout a person or vessel (soldier, warship, etc ) used for reconnaissance
Casualty a soldier no longer in active service because of death, sickness, wounds, capture, etc
Clandestine characterized by secrecy or concealment, especially for purposes of deception; private
Convalescent a person recovering after disease or trauma
Cryptographer a person educated in the means of making and using codes, ciphers, or other secret writing
Disguise something used to conceal the true identity or nature of a thing, for the purpose of deception
Eavesdrop to listen to a private conversation without the speakers' knowledge or permission; to intentionally overhear
Espionage spying; government use of spies to discover the political or military secrets of other countries
Guerrilla a member of a small group of professional soldiers that uses the tactics of guerrilla warfare: surprise raids, sabotage, destroying communication and supply lines, etc.
Intercept to meet someone or something in transit one place to another with the intention of halting or seizing it; to destroy an enemy object (missile, airplane, etc ) on its way to a target
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