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TOG Y4 W4 Terms

Armor 1) a metal covering worn as defense in combat; 2) mechanically equipped units of military forces (tanks, etc ), as in armored divisions
Aviation having to do with airplanes, including their design, production, and operation
Barrage heavy artillery fire directed in front of friendly troops to screen and protect them or to halt the enemy's advance
Infantry soldiers trained to fight on foot, in modern times usually using rifles, grenades, machine guns, etc
Mortar a short, portable cannon used to fire at high angles over short distances
Reconnaissance an inspection or exploration of an area, especially one made to gather military information
Reinforce (military) to strengthen a force by sending more personnel, ships, or aircraft
Retreat being forced by an enemy to pull back, or choosing to for strategic reasons, especially in military action
Revolution the overthrow of one government or social order and its replacement with another, often suddenly and by means of violence
Tactic a plan or procedure for accomplishing a desired result; a strategic military action or maneuver
Assault 1) a sudden and brutal attack; 2) the phase of an attack that consists of close combat
Balaclava a close-fitting hood which covers the shoulders and head, worn especially by soldiers for warmth or protection
Bombard to attack persistently with artillery fire (bombs, missiles, etc)
Civilian any non-military member of society
Howitzer a relatively short-barrelled cannon used to fire at high angles for short distances
Intelligence (political) 1) information about an enemy or a potential enemy; 2) the gathering of such information; 3) the conclusions drawn from such information
Interrogate to ask questions, especially formally, and often of a prisoner or suspect
Picket (military) a soldier or group placed ahead of the main body of troops to warn of enemy movements
Shrapnel sharp, dangerous fragments of an exploding shell
Zeppelin a rigid airship having a long cylindrical body supported by internal gas cells and powered by propellers, used for carrying passengers, bombs, etc
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