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TOG Y4 W3 Terms

Blockade an obstruction; closing off a place (often a port city) by means of troops, ships, etc
to prevent entrance or exit a struggle, especially a prolonged struggle; a battle or any kind of opposition.
Conflict a struggle, especially a prolonged struggle; a battle or any kind of opposition
Defeat to conquer, overcome, win
Hostile characteristic of an enemy; warlike or aggressive
Invade to enter a place (usually a foreign country) by force
Military pertaining to war, or to the army or armed forces
Alliance a formal treaty or agreement of peace and cooperation between two or more countries; usually for an explicit intended goal
Artillery 1) large-caliber weapons, such as cannons and missile launchers; 2) the branches of the army that specialize in such weapons; 3) the science of operating such weapons
Assassinate to murder a prominent person by surprise attack, often for political reasons
Conscript to force a person to enroll for military service; to draft
Maneuver to move troops, ships, etc. by a planned and ordered positioning
Naval pertaining to warships, or to a navy
Neutral unbiased; not supporting or allied to any particular position or side in a war or argument
Rivalry a competition or strife between rivals
Stalemate a situation (usually between competing parties) in which no progress can be made or productive action taken; a deadlock, impasse, or standstill
Strategy the art or science of military command regarding the overall planning and conduct of large-scale military operations and movements
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