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socials eleven

chapter one and two glossary

pro-nation, believing in your independent country nationalism
pro-colony, proud to be a British colony citizen imperialism
massive build-up of an army and it's weapons militarism
starting more industries and factories and promoting the economy industrialism
expanding the country to match the strongest countries, usually relating to a country's military balance of power
Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy (left in 1915, and never fought on their side). AKA the CENTRAL POWERS triple alliance
France, Russia, Britain (and Canada) and Italy joined in 1915. AKA the ALLIES triple entente
Germany's front between itself and France. (schfln plan) western front
PM after Laurier. Conservative. Inforced consciption after witnessing the battle of Vimy Ridge. allowed women to first vote and was re-elected in 1917 Robert Borden REELECTED IN 1917 REELECTED IN 1917 REELECTED IN 1917
was my aunt 14? war measures act in 1914
suspended habeas corpus, no charges laid before arrests, censored mail, ect. war measures act: suspended habeas corpus, no charges laid before arrests, censored mail, ect.
German and AH recent immigrants were isolated here. (+8000) internment camps 8000 8000 8000
Schlieffen plan was created in 1914 sch plan
German army invades Belgium and into France to take over Paris. (Joyeux Noel) stalemate Schlieffen plan
fighting at close distances, in small muddy conditons, no mans land, ect. trench warfare
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