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History Final

explain the geography in new england middle and south new england: rocky middle: mountains and valleys south: plains open fields
How did the geography of these regions shape the industry 1.shipbuilding 2.manufacturing 3. farming
Capitalism system in which a countries trade and industry are controlled by private owners
mercantilism exports more than importswhat documents influenced the deleration or independance
what documents influenced the deleration or independance Bill of rights, Magna Carta, Articles of confederation
Locke's beliefs People are selfish
Montesquieu's beliefs legislative, executive, and judicial should be united
Wollstesquieu's beliefs all men and women should have the same rights
Rousseau all men are goodness and basic human rights are natural laws
what is the most basic idea of the Declaration or Independance all men are created equal and are entitled to life liberty and persuit of happiness
explain the conflict between federalists and anti fed: support constitution, agree needs a stronger gov't anti:opposed, too strong of a gov't want Bill of Rights
Republicanism support of a republican system of gov't
Why was Shay's rebellion a concern for the national leader it was the 1st real sign of slaves rebelling
What got added to the consitituion Bill of Rights
Why is the Marbury v. Madison so significant helped establish the supreme courts power
What is the major role in Political Parties of America nominate candidates for public office and conduct campaigns
The two party system can be traced back to Hamilton and Jefferson
Why was the Northwest Ordinance so important Slavery was legally band
What happened to War bonds that were purchased during the American Revolution They would be used to fund the war and they were a plan to pay off US debt
Who was Washington's secretary of Treasury Hamilton
What was Hamilton's economic plan for the US create the 1st national bank to payoff US debt
What was the main purpose of the black codes ban blacks from jury service, punishments for the blacks, renting land
Explain the Dred Scott supreme court decision it was declared he had no rights
What groups were not given equality under the law blacks and women
How did the embargo of 1807 effect the US crippled the economy and further exacerbated trade issues
What started the Mexican American War mexico attacked a group of Us soldiers in disputed zone
What is manifest destiny national feeling or belief that the US was destined or meant to extend from Atlantic to the Pacific
What did the War Hawks want they wanted war with both Britain and France
The spanish abolished the encomienda system in America because the system brutally exploited Native Americans
explain the Monroe Doctrine separated spheres of eurpoeans and americans
How did the US get flordia treaty with spain
McCulloch v Maryland supreme court decision had power to create a 2nd bank
John Marshall used his power to increase the power of judicial review to state and federal laws
How did Andrew Jackson use the Spoils Sysytem practice of successful political part giving public office to its supporters
explain the trail of tears a sad and depressed trail native americans used when forced out of their homes and land
How did the Native Americans respond to the actions of the US They went to court however congress didn't listen and they were told to leave their land signed treaty
What was the Us policy towards Native Americans wards of federal gov't and nullify all treaties
What was the goal of Seneca Falls Convention 1st women's rights convention
Cult of Demesticity women should stay at home and should not be able to work outside of their homes
Wilmot Proviso American law to ban slavery in the territory aquired from mexico
Explain the compromise of 1805 five separate bills passed by the us congress between slave and free states
What advantage did the US get by purchasing the Louisianna Territory full control of the Mississippi River
Bc of the expansion of the US problems arose name 3
The Cali Gold Rush lead to this immigrants
Popular Sovereignty belief that gov't is created by and subject to the will of the people
Why did sectionalism develop in America Some states wanted to be free and others wanted slaves
Bleeding Kansas series of violent civil confrontations
What did the Emancipation Proclaimation do freeing all slaves in all portions of the US
What was Lincoln's goal free slaves
How did the Civil War effect the Northern Economy saved lots of money
How did the north respond to work conditions created unions and went on strikes
What is Sharecropping landowner lets farmers use land for a share of crops produced on their land
What is the significant of the 54 Massachusetts Infantry extensive service in the union army
After the civil war how did slaves make money worked freely on farms
Explain 14th amendment citizenship to "all persons born or naturalized in the US" which included former slaves
Created by: madisonrose4
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