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English to French

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virtuous vertueux
deserving méritant
scrupulous, precise, exact, painstaking, fussy scrupuleux
scrupulously, fussily, precisely scrupuleusement
in an scrupulous manner, (in a precise manner) d’une manière scrupuleuse
worthy digne
unworthy indigne
cowardly (adj.), unmanly, sheepish, lack of courage / (nm) coward, sheep, yellow, week / ignoble, low, lowlife, mean lâche (adv, adj, m), lâchement
wicked, nasty, ugly, bad boy, rascal, villain vilain, m
wickedly, nastily vilainement
sinful, guilty, culprit, (sinner: pécheur) coupable, m
diabolical diabolique
monsterous, horrible, wicked, hatefull, a thing of evil omen, (etym. ab: away, off, from, of) + omen, sign, token نشانه) abominable, adj
to deprave, corrupt, pollute, poison, do wicked, (de- completely + prav: perverse, crooked) منحرف، هرزه، فاسد کردن dépraver
treacherous, disloyal (déloyal) / traitor traître, (adj, nm)
hypocritical(ly) hypocrite(ment)
full of remorse, remorseful plein de remords
remorsefully, with remorse, (regretfully, sorrowfully متاسفانه، با پشیمانى) 'avec' remords
to worship, adore, (syn. make devotions, to reverence) vénérer, (:to venerate)
to practise = to practice pratiquer
to pray prier
to kneel s'agenouiller
to conform to, abide by se conformer à
to preach, (what a preacher does) prêcher
preacher prédicateur
to convert convertir
to baptise, (-tize), christen baptiser
to swear, (to god) / against religion, (blaspheme, insult) jurer
to sin, err pécher
to tempt tenter
to repent (of), regret, feel sorry توبه کردن، پشیمان شدن se repentir (de)
to keep secret, hide, conceal tenir secret
to betray trahir
to deserve mériter
to close the eyes on, condone: pardon, overlook, forgive چشم پوشى کردن از fermer les yeux sur
to reprove: blame, condemn, scold, rebuke réprouver
to say/do one's prayers dire/faire ses prières
to go to church, (go to mass, congregation) گردهمایی مذهبی در کلیسا aller à l'église, à la messe
to attend (to the) mass assister à la messe
the Church of England l'église anglicane
if god wants it, god willing, (اگه خدا بخواد) si dieu le veut
for heaven's sake, for God's sake pour l'amour du ciel
god bless you dieu te/vous bénisse
Thank God! Dieu merci!
vice and virtue (vice: immorality, corruption, fault, defect) le vice et la vertu
good versus evil le bien contre le mal
Talk of the devil! (lit. when one talks of the wolf) Quand on parle du loup...
an abominable crime, (heinous: horrible, terrible, awful) un crime abominable
to decade / diminish, fall, (to a lower value) / etym. cad: fall déchoir, (pp déchu)
a fallen angel un ange déchu
a patron saint, likable boss un saint patron
to do good faire le bien
to do harm faire le mal
to accomplish/perform miracles accomplir des miracles
to have lost morals, (fig. to be of a released morality) être d'une moralité relâchée
very strict moral criteria, (high moral standards) des critères moraux très stricts
to take an oath, (lit. to borrow an oath) prêter serment
(lit. to stay faithful to one's principles), stick to one's ideas rester fidèle à ses principes
to cast a spell, (lit. to throw a luck, destiny, fate, lot) jeter un 'sort'
malevolence, ill-look, (:malice, evilness, malignity, viciousness) malveillance
to feel remorse, (lit. to have remorse) avoir des remords
confess (to) a crime avouer un délit
doomed to fail, محکوم به شکست (lit. vowed to failure), (sworn, promised, devoted) voué à l'échec
loyalty، صداقت، وظیفه شناسى le loyauté
socialism, (=collective ownership, the community as a whole owns) le socialisme
a commitment, (=engagement) un engagement
a statement, declaration une déclaration
a denial, not confirming, refusal, refute, belie, (vb to deny) un démenti, (vb démentir)
a side, house, camp un camp
a demonstrator un manifestant
a rally un rassemblement
a parade, march, to walk in a single file un défilé
a riot une émeute
a debate un débat
a controversy une controverse
a conflict, dispute un conflit
a deal un marché, un accord
a disagreement un désaccord
a veto un veto
a slide, shift un glissement
a swing, turn, overtake (by turning) un virage
a turnaround, turning round un revirement, (une volte-face)
a speech un discours
an orator un orateur
an asset; advantage, trump (winning) card, ace-in-the-hole un atout
a task une tâche
an agenda, diary, appointment book, engagement book, programme, planning, (lit. order of the day) un ordre du jour
a catchword, (lit. a word of order) un mot d'ordre
a study, survey une étude
a poll, (a scrutiny: scrutin) un sondage
a subscription une souscription
a constituency (GB), electional vote نوشتن رای انتخاباتی une circonscription électorale
a constituent انتخاب شونده un électeur
a poster, display une affiche
a billboard un panneau d'affichage
a polling station, (lit. office of voting) un bureau de vote
a polling booth (exp), (lit. isolating-boot) un isoloir
a ballot paper un bulletin
a ballot box, (etym. vase, box) une urne, (urn)
utopian utopique
constitutional constitutionnel
leftist gauchiste
anarchic, (against ruling) anarchiste, anarchique
dictatorial dictatorial
arbitrary arbitraire
moderate modéré
opposed (to) opposé, hostile (à)
unpopular impopulaire
reliable, trustworthy, (lit.worthy of confidence) digne de confiance
devoted, dedicated dévoué, (vb dévouer)
corrupted, corrupt corrompu
resolute, decided résolu
charismatic charismatique
creative créatif
imaginative imaginatif
to be at the head of, to lead (:mener) être à la tête de
to found, to base fonder
to set up, create (:créer), (lit. put in place) mettre en place
to support, to back up soutenir, (=apporter son soutien)
to vote for voter pour
to elect élire
to appeal (to), to be attractive to appeler (à)
to adhere, join adhérer
to endorse, support / sign on the back of a check endosser (check), (=soutenir, cautionner)
to criticize critiquer
to divide (in two parts), split diviser (en deux camps)
to contest, question contester
to challenge, defy défier, mettre au défi
to separate, spread out, roll out, divert, take far, remove écarter
to splash, smear, sprinkle, cover with mud (boue) / (scandal) cover with shame éclabousser
to trigger (off), start off déclencher
to demonstrate manifester
to campaign / agitate, push, incite faire campagne
to launch lancer
to run for, be candidate to être candidat à
to survey, study, make a study étudier, faire une étude
to reassemble, rally, gather, collect, unite, reunite rassembler
to soar, rise, mount, fly up grimper
to sink, submerge plonger, (=sombrer)
a political party un parti politique
a party official, (lit. party responsible) un responsable du parti
the principle groups, officers, military personels, party executives, (lit. the major-states) les états-majors
the rank-and-file: common soldier, without title, having no status, low people la base
a grassroot militant, a rank-and-file, common military soldier, (lit. a low militant) un militant de base
an electional campaign une campagne électorale
to be politically-minded, to get inteested in politics s'intéresser à la politique
political asylum l'asile politique
a political refugee un réfugié politique
a political analyst / expert / commentator / (etym. gk. talker of politics) un politologue
a policy maker, (lit. political responsible/decider) un décideur/responsable politique
opposition parties les partis de l'opposition
the shadow cabinet (GB), (lit. the ghost cabinet) le cabinet fantôme
a foreign policy une politique étrangère
a domestic policy, (lit. interior politicy) une politique intérieure
an economic policy une politique économique
political mediums, circles, gatherings, groups, milieu les milieux politiques
the right/left wing l'aile droite/gauche
the Social Democratic Party le parti social-démocrate
the Labour Party (GB) le parti travailliste
the Conservative Party (the Tories) (GB) le parti conservateur
freedom of speech la liberté de parole
an opinion poll un sondage d'opinion
to carry out a survey, (lit. make a study) faire une étude
to take to the streets, (lit. descend to the roads) descendre dans la rue
to criticise, be critical of critiquer, trouver à redire
a policy une politique
a politician un homme politique
a party un parti
a leader / cook un chef
a member un membre
a (trade) union, syndicate un syndicat
a representative un représentant
a spokesperson un porte-parole
a supporter, partisan un partisan
well-skilled, expert, proficient, who has the know-how, amateur, proponent un adepte, (:adept)
a defender, advocate, barrister, counsel, solicitor, attorney, lawyer un défenseur
an activist, who argues for/against / (old meaning) combatant, militant un militant
an adversary, opponent un adversaire, un opposant
a sensor, critic, inspector, official, controller, (to remove or filter objectable docs, films, send to schools, government buildings, public places) un censeur, (=un détracteur)
criticism les critiques
a foe, an enemy un ennemi
an ideologist un idéologue
to come under fire, to be keenly/profoundly criticised être vivement critiqué
to come to a deadlock, terminate/result to an no through aboutir à un impasse
to reach an accord/agreement, come to an agreement parvenir à un accord
to take up the challenge, raise a defiance relever le défi
to be power-hungry, (lit. to be thirsty of power) être assoifé de pouvoir
to seize power, take ownership of power, be in control of the power s'emparer du pouvoir
a military coup un coup d'état militaire
to be in power être au pouvoir
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