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Early Days of the American Republic - Quiz

An ______ is a ban on trade with another country embargo
The right to vote is also known as ______ suffrage
the practice of rewarding supports with government jobs, called the _______________, was commonly used by many early presidents of the U.S. Spoils System
Britain's policy of ______________, forcing U.S. sailors to serve in their navy, was one of the causes of the War of 1812 impressment
the pride or devotion to the United States that grew in its early years led to widespread _____ in our country nationalism
a _____ is an action which is used as a model or guide for future actions. as the first president George Washington set many exampled for future presidents to follow precedent
throughout the 1800's the campaign against the sale or drinking of alcohol became known as the: temperance movement
the Erie ____ was built to allow boats to travel by water to connect eastern and western New York Canal
a tax on imports to protect the country's industry from foreign competition was called a: protective tariff
during the industry boom of the north many factories used identical, machine-made parts for a tool or instrument called: interchangable parts
many new _____ came to settle in the United States during the early 1800's in search of job opportunities and a better life immigrants
the Industrial Revolution brought the development of the _______ to the north as goods were produced by workers and machinery in one place factory system
President John Adams helped pass laws in order to prevent _____ to stop citizens from stirring up rebellion against the U.S. government sedition
during the 1800's _____ began, as people moved from their farms into cities to get jobs in newly built factories urbanization
to avoid having the United States take sides in European conflicts, President George Washington issue the _______ proclamation neutrality
President Thomas Jefferson believed in the policy of _____ which is the idea that the government should play as small a role as possible in the economic and social affairs of the nation laissez-faire
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