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The U.S. Constitution - Unit Test

Which branch can declare laws unconstitutional? Judicial
there are a total of ____ members in the Senate 100
Who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces? President
Where must bills dealing with money (revenue) originate? House of Representatives
Who nominates Supreme Court Justices? President
Federal Judges serve for: life
The Legislative branch is also called: Congress
The federal government is divided into: 3 branches
What is the highest federal court? U.S. Supreme Court
How many Senators does each state have? 2
Who officially choose or elects the President of the U.S.? the electoral college
How long is a presidental term? 4 years
In order to run for the House of Representatives, a person needs to be ____ years old. 25
A proposal law is called a: bill
The first 10 amendments to the Constitution are called the: Bill of Rights
A written change to the Constitution is called a(n): amendment
The introduction to the Constitution is called: the preamble
The group of officials choosen to assist the President is called the: Cabinet
The legislative branch is made up of: the Senate and the House of Representatives
How many amendments have been added to the Constitution? 27
A person has to be ___ years of age to be eligible for the presidency? 35
Who ratifies treaties and presidential appointments? Senate
How long is one term for a member of the Senate? 6 years
Who has become known as the father of the U.S. Constitution? James Madison
Immediately after the Revolutionary War the U.S. was governed by: Articles of Confederation
The original reason the Constitutional Convention was held was to: revise the Articles of Confederation
Which branch of government enforces laws? executive
How many states would have to ratify to Constitution before it was approved by all the states? 9
What had to be added to the Constitution before it was approved by all the states? the Bill of Rights
What prevents one brance of government from becoming too powerful? a system of checks and balances
Why has the U.S. system of government lasted for over 200 years? the Constitution can be changed through the amendment process
Which elected official has the longest term in office? the senators
There are a total of ___ members in the House of Representatives. 435
The Great Compromise dealt with the issue of: representation in Congress
The Virginia Plan was designed to give more power to the ____ states. large
The framers of the Constitution feared that voters would not be able to make wise choices for president so they set up the: electoral college
The idea of sharing and dividing powers between state and national governments is called: federalism
According to the first amendment, all citizens have the right(s) of: speech, religion and assembly
Which section of the Constitution specifies the rights which are guaranteed to all U.S. citizens? the first ten amendments
How many votes are needed in the House of Representatives and the Senate to override a presidental veto? two-thirds
The principle of government that divides power between three branches is known as: separation of powers
What is considered the "Supreme law of the land"? the U.S. Constitution
Which group argued that the Constitution must spell out ways to protect people's basic rights? anti-federalist
How did the Bill of Rights become part of the Constitution? it was added through the amendment process
Which branch of government has the power to make the laws for our nation? the legislative branch
The number of representatives each state can have in the House of Representatives depends upon that state's__________ population
There are ____ justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. 9
The first constitution for the United States was called the: Articles of Confederation
A _______ votes is needed to pass a bill in both the House of Representatives and the Senate before it moves on to the _________ to be signed into law majority, president
Who was elected the first president of the United States? George Washington
Created by: cmiller621